Another Beautiful Home for Solaris

Last week I had the immense pleasure of photographing another beautiful home for Solaris Inc. The incredible creativity in their designs, and the amazing attention to detail they put into their houses is astounding!!!

Interior/Architecture Assignment for Holiday Inn Express

Last week I had a fun assignment, photographing the Holiday Inn Express at the Harbison location in Columbia. Many thanks to Dexter and Kristi at Naman Hotels for trusting me with another one of their awesome photo shoots!

Jenna & Christopher’s Sunrise Engagement on Folly Beach

Christopher is the most AMAZING guitarist I know! Plus he’s a kind spirit and a gentle old soul. I love hanging out with this guy:

I was SO EXCITED a few weeks ago when Christopher told me he and Jenna were engaged! Even more so, I was absolutely honored when he asked if I would photograph their wedding!!!

Yesterday the three of us met down by the Folly Beach Pier, which is where he proposed to Jenna. Jenna is absolutely stunning, vibrant, and full of life!  She’s super creative, and a joy to be around. I loved getting to know her.  And I can’t wait to photograph their beautiful wedding!

To see more of their engagement photos, visit:

We had a BLAST photographing their sunrise engagement session. We even captured a couple re-enactments of Christopher’s proposal in the very spot where he asked Jenna to become his wife! 🙂

Carowinds Theme Park

Carowinds is a 400-acre amusement park located on the border of North and South Carolina. The park opened on March 31, 1973, at a cost of $70 million. This was the result of a four-year planning period spearheaded by Charlotte businessman Earl Patterson Hall, who was inspired to build the park by a 1956 trip to Disneyland.

The hero of Carowinds is Fury 325. This giant “giga coaster” is loosely themed around Charlotte’s nickname, The Hornet’s Nest. It has a height of 325 ft, making it the tallest giga coaster. It’s the fastest non-launched roller coaster in the world! With a top speed of 95 mph, it’s also the sixth fastest in the world overall. Fury 325 is the single largest investment in the park’s history.

Using the DJI Mavic Pro, I had the pleasure of creating this aerial drone image of the park before their crazy summer season begins!

Aerial Drone Photography for Knight’s Companies

Earlier this week my good friend and AMAZING photographer, Mic Smith, sub-contracted me to photograph aerial drone images for one of his clients. He was hired by Knight’s Companies to provide a fresh updated series of photographs to go with their revamped new website. As part of his team, it was my job to get beautiful aerial photos of their property and the activity there in.

Originally founded in 1969 by CEO, Michael “Bud” Knight, Knight’s Companies encompases a series of operations, all of which strive to provide quality products and service to the Charleston construction industry.

Aerial Drone Photography for Select Health

As a leading aerial drone photographer in Charleston, we often get requests for commercial assignments. We are FAA Part 107 Certified, licensed, and insured. I’ve been working with Select Health as a client for many years. Here is one of the projects I photographed for them recently.

“At Select Health, we’re true to our mission…to help members get care, stay well, and build healthy communities…and we always will be.  First Choice is the only plan in the state with a five-star rating for overall consumer satisfaction from CAHPS, and we maintain the highest levels of enrollment, transfer, and retention in South Carolina. We are proud to be the market share leader in the state and the preferred plan for South Carolinians.”

Many thanks to Reid and her amazing team for organizing this project!

Create Photography Retreat

It’s an honor and a privilege to be selected as a guest speaker alongside legends like Eddie Tapp, Judy Host, Richard Bernabe, and Ben Hartley at the Create Photography Retreat over the next few days!!!

Here are a few shots from today’s outing at Middleton Place Plantation…

St. Philips Episcopal Church

St. Philip’s Church is an historic church at 142 Church Street in Charleston. Built in 1836, this stuccoed brick church features an imposing tower designed in the Wren-Gibbs tradition.On November 7, 1973, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places and designated a National Historic Landmark.

Established in 1681, St. Philip’s is the oldest religious congregation in South Carolina. The first St. Philip’s Church, a wooden building, was built between 1680 and 1681 at the corner of Broad and Meeting streets on the present day site of St. Michael’s Episcopal Church. It was damaged in a hurricane in 1710 and a new St. Phillip’s Church was begun a few blocks away on Church Street. After being delayed it was finished in 1723 but burned to the ground in 1835. Work on the present church was begun that same year and completed the next. The steeple was added between 1848 and 1850.

I recently had the pleasure of photographing this aerial photograph featuring St. Philips Episcopal Church. In the foreground we find one of Charleston’s iconic horse-and-carriage tours ambling up Church Street as it approaches the imposing structure. The dramatic Arthur Ravenel Junior Bridge gracefully spans the Charleston Harbor in the distance.

New Construction Drone Photography

It’s no secret that the Charleston real estate market is on fire. Charleston is at the top of many Best Of lists, feeding the “I want to move to Charleston” craze!

Growth of the aeronautics, automotive, and tech sectors has Lowcountry area home builders working hard to build homes fast enough to keep up with growing needs. Due to the high demand, Charleston has a lower number of available homes on the market than most areas of the country. The Charleston real estate market only has a three-month supply of homes available, unlike most markets with at least a six-month supply! It’s no wonder there are so many new developments, new neighborhoods, and new construction projects going up all over town!

If you’re a home builder, this is a great time to capitalize on your share of that business. With our licensed, insured, and FAA Certified Remote Pilot, we are here to help you attract your piece of the pie through dynamic aerial drone photographs. Let us capture beautiful images of your projects today before it’s too late!!!

Aerial Assignments

More and more corporate clients are turning to us for our new Aerial Drone Photography. Why?

Much like buying a nice digital camera doesn’t instantly make one a great digital photographer, simply buying a drone doesn’t make one a great aerial photographer! Just because someone can fly a drone doesn’t mean they know how to capture a compelling image. Mastering the tried and true techniques of lighting, exposure, composition, color, (and the list is a mile long) takes time! Cami and I have professional photography degrees, which means we’ve truly studied the finer nuances of beautiful art and imagery. Plus we’ve been photographing professionally for over two decades! That’s a priceless amount of experience and training that you just can’t pick up in a weekend workshop. Think about the revolutions and changes that have taken place in 20+ years. From medium format to 35mm, from film to digital, from crop sensors to full-frame sensors, from megabytes to gigabytes…we’ve seen it all! Which is why our clients feel confident in our abilities to deliver more compelling images.

Sure, the latest drones are easy to fly and take descent photos in their dumbed-down-out-of-the-box settings. It takes a lot of studying and experimenting with the deeper nuances and internal settings to eek out that NEXT higher level of quality and detail. I wonder how many new drone pilots never even read the manual?!? Flying the latest quadcopters on the market, and setting them up to take full advantage of every pixel they offer, we’re able to deliver a superior quality product.

Everyone has seen one news story or another about crashed drones or near collisions with other aircraft. Unlike a highway where you can only go one of two directions, airspace is a wide open fronteir. For the safety of other aircraft, and the safety of people below, the Federal Aviation Administration has implimented strict rules and regulations. Unfortunately, very few UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) pilots have taken the time to study, train, and pass the FAA certification process. We are proud to have passed the exam with the highest grade in the class, on our way to obtaining the FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Licesnse! This means we are legal to fly our drones commercially, and will do so with safety as a primary concern.

For more information, check out  When it’s time for YOUR aerial photography assignment, please don’t hesitate to contact us! You’ll be in good hands…and you’ll be glad you did.