Capturing everything from the smallest details to the largest rooms & everything in-between

Interior and Architecture photography takes a very special skill set, and a very specialized set of equipment.  To balance the nuances of soft interior light with strong outdoor sunlight is a challenge.  Knowing the right angles and lenses that will best suit a particular room takes experience.  But what I love the most about Interior and Architectural photography is the challenge of taking on all these adversities and creating a beautiful image that turns a house or a room into a warm and inviting space!

As much as I enjoy working with people, the quiet solitude and more meticulous pace of a large architectural assignment is a welcome balance. Having built a reputation for the diversity of subjects we cover, I frequently get calls for architectural and interior-design photography.  Our client list includes large corporate properties such as Holiday Inn, Staybridge Suites, Francis Marion Hotel, Hilton Garden Inn, Homewood Suites, and the historic Ansonborough Inn.  We are honored to have the trust of these big name brands.  We also bring the same big-name-game to all our wonderful architects, interior designers, home theater installers, cabinet makers, kitchen designers, solar energy installers, and real estate agents that we’ve worked with over the years.  Here’s a sample photo session you might enjoy:

Our work has been featured in publications like Charleston Home, Charleston Magazine, Family Circle Magazine, Sports Illustrated, and Lawn and Garden.  We are a featured photographer on Houzz with their highest available rating.  Reviews and more gallery images can be found on their website at:

“After moving from NY to SC in February, I spent four months of concentrated work both interior and exterior to create my idea of a retirement oasis. I contacted Chris and Cami and was delighted with both the results and reasonable cost. The result is jaw-dropping photos that elicited “Absolutely GORGEOUS” from the folks back home. Like having a good Dr., it is comforting to know that Chris and Cami will be there for my future photo needs.”
John Herman