A Boudoir Session can be a life-changing experience & You Are Worth it!

You are wonderfully and beautifully made.  Boudoir photos are a form of personal-celebration. You are gorgeous. You are feminine. You are sexy. YOU ARE WORTH IT!

For a successful Boudoir Shoot, you want a photographer you can trust to celebrate this fact, and bring out your very best.  You want a photographer who is sensitive, trustworthy, personable, confidential, fun to work with, professional, and 100% dedicated to creating images that will make you feel proud to be YOU!!!

At Chris & Cami Photography, we are all about making the every-day woman feel like a superstar!  Our boudoir clients have one thing in common…a healthy appreciation for the wonderful, fulfilling, and life-changing experience the Boudoir Experience can be.  Your session will leave you feeling confident, gorgeous, sexy, and empowered.  Our hope is that it will also leave you raving about your experience to all your friends.

The day of your photo shoot begins with hair & makeup to get you oh-so-gorgeous.  You’re welcome to use your favorite artist, or we’re happy to arrange one for you.  When your session begins, you won’t have to worry about knowing how to pose or what to do – that’s my job!  All you have to do is relax and be yourself.  With 20+ years of experience and two Photography Degrees, we’ll know what to do.  I will guide you through the entire shoot, helping you with poses that flatter your body and guarantee you look simply stunning!

Whether you keep the images to yourself or create a mind-blowing gift for your someone special, you will be so thankful for this liberating and self-celebrating experience. Your Boudoir Session is perfect for an anniversary, as a keepsake to take on a military deployment, or for an amazing “Wedding Night” gift that will leave your fiancé speechless!

“I was told how wonderful Chris & Cami Photography was by a friend who used them for her wedding, and after doing a session with Chris myself, I was blown away by the tremendous amount of talent, professionalism, and organization that was involved. Chris was very quick to respond to emails and even faster to produce the portraits that were taken, which I did not expect! Most importantly, he was very kind and showed genuine enthusiasm during the photo session, making it clear to me that he very much enjoys what he does! I had a terrific experience with Chris & Cami Photography and would highly recommended them to anyone!”


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