Abby’s Fashion Shoot

Currently signed with Elite Model Management in New York, I had the distinct pleasure of photographing Abby Meeker last week! Check out her portfolio at and contact the agency if you’re looking for an amazing young lady to work with!

This was my second shoot with Abby. If you’d like to see images from our outdoor session at an old abandoned hospital, visit:

Congratulations to Abby on her rising stardom!!! And many thanks to LeRoy at Pixel Studios!

Behind-the-Scenes Fashion Shoot

Today’s photo shoot finds me at Pixel Studios, where I’m photographing a high-key fashion shoot for an upcoming style book called Thirty Classic Garments.

Follow along on this behind-the-scenes video. Created with the help of studio owner and fellow photographer, LeRoy, we discuss the high-key lighting setup, using gels to color the background, and switching to neutral gray for a different look. We also go through how to shoot tethered to a laptop. And of course we talk about Nikon vs Canon vs Sony vs Panasonic vs Olympus vs Everybody Else!

Look for Sarah & Julie’s new book, Thirty Classic Garments, in stores soon. In the meantime, check out their previous book, The Tunic Bible at:

Visit out Pixel Studios at:

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GEAR FOR THIS SHOOT: Nikon D850 (…) Nikkor 70-200 f2.8 ( Alien Bee Strobes ( Lenove Yoga 900 (

Fashion Designs for Classic Sewing

My good friends and ingenious designers, Julie Starr and Sarah Gunn, are back with another beautiful sewing project!!! After an overwhelming response from their first publication, the Tunic Bible, they have teamed up again to produce a book called Thirty Classic Garments.

I was honored that they would ask me back to photograph some of their fashion pieces for the new publication. We rented Pixel Studios, which was the perfect location for the assignment. LeRoy, the owner of the studio, was so helpful and such fun to work with. In spite of the dreary rainy day, we were warm and dry inside as we captured some great images of their beautiful fashion designs!

Look for their new book in stores soon…

Create Photography Retreat

It’s an honor and a privilege to be selected as a guest speaker alongside legends like Eddie Tapp, Judy Host, Richard Bernabe, and Ben Hartley at the Create Photography Retreat over the next few days!!!

Here are a few shots from today’s outing at Middleton Place Plantation…

Abby’s Model Portfolio

The daughter of a friend of ours, Abby was in town to model for Charleston Fashion Week. During some down time, we photographed a portfolio session for her at the old abandoned Naval Hospital.  It also gave me a chance to really test the limits of the astounding new Nikon D850!

The Charleston Naval Hospital Historic District is nationally significant as an example of the United States effort to mobilize medical support for the Navy during World Wars I and II. Now neglected and in dis-repair, it once exemplifies the Navy’s ability to create a permanent and professional medical service for Navy personnel and their dependents.  The complex is an intact collection of thirty-two buildings located in the northwest corner of the former Charleston Navy Base.

Abby was so much fun to work with!  She is a beautiful young lady, both inside and out!  And she has a very unique look.  I can see why she’s so popular on the runway!!!  We had a great time exploring the area, and coming up with some killer images for her to add to her portfolio.

Beetlejuice Fashion Shoot

Reid is one of my FAVORITE “creative collaborators” in Charleston!!!  She is so artistic and has such a great sense of humor!

One day while out exploring on my motorcycle, I found this amazing old church ruins with a decaying piano in the middle of the sanctuary. I pitched the idea of a fun fashion shoot to Reid. She loved it!  Wrangling her three beautiful daughters, Sydney, Jackie, and Trinity to model for us, the game was on. They brought their beautiful pet boa constrictors, great props like the vase of old dead roses, and some outlandish outfits from places like Goodwill and who-knows-where!

We had an absolute BLAST and came away with a fun collection of images. Many thanks to Reid and our three gorgeous models!!!

Rebekah at Magnolia Plantation & Gardens

It was a real pleasure photographing Rebekah at the picturesque Magnolia Plantation & Gardens yesterday! She’s a beautiful model with a sweet disposition, a generous heart, and an enthusiastic spirit. We had a BLAST exploring the grounds and creating some wonderful images together! Thanks, Rebekah!!!

Megan’s Modeling Debut

Megan is such a gorgeous young lady with a beautiful spirit!

It’s been a pleasure getting to know her over the years as I photograph for the company she works for.  I was so excited to finally get to photograph her yesterday. We met up at White Point Garden and had a fun little fashion shoot as we toured some of the old historic downtown areas. Then we zipped over to the Ashley River for a grand finale with the dramatic sunset!

Thanks for a great session, Megan! YOU ROCK!!!

Grace Under Pressure

I’ve been working on a big project for an up-coming publication. We had a few last-minute photos the client needed before wrapping up the shooting. And we knew that the beautiful and “graceful” Grace would be the PERFECT model for it!

It’s hard to believe Grace is still in high school. She has elegance and poise far beyond her years! We had a great time and got exactly the shots we needed on this fun fashion shoot. 🙂

Fashion Model Photo Shoot

A few days ago we wrapped up photography on a project that we’ve been shooting over this past summer. It’s for a super-cool, up-and-coming, yet-to-be-announced publication. Those are the only details I’m allowed to divulge at this time!!!

Many thanks to our clients, Susan and Julie for their vision and talent! Many thanks to Grace, Mary-Catherine, Margaret, Caroline, Brittany, Brenae, and Crystal for all their style and grace in these beautiful outfits! And many thanks to Robbin, Addy, and the many others who helped in so many ways!

I can’t wait to reveal the final details once they are announced!!! 😉