Jeremy & Kyle’s Folly Beach Wedding

We’ve known Kyle from back when we were neighbors down the street from his amazing parents, Cathy & Gary. Some of our fondest memories include dinners out with their family, handing out candy together on Halloween, and sitting on their porch late into the evening on lazy summer days.  We are honored to call Cathy & Gary our friends!

When Kyle told us he and Jeremy had gotten engaged, we were SO EXCITED for them! Their relationship has blossomed and matured over the last few years. They are such a great couple. And we love seeing how incredibly happy they are together! 🙂

Although their big wedding plans got curtailed due to the pandemic, they just couldn’t wait to get married! They are saving the “BIG PARTY” for next year when things get back to normal. But last weekend they shifted their ceremony to an intimate beach-house venue on Folly Beach. While their closest family and friends gathered around them in love and support, they exchanged their vows on a gorgeous fall afternoon. With bare feet and bow-ties, touching hand-written vows, tears of joy, and the Atlantic ocean as the backdrop, it truly was a beautiful ceremony!!!

CONGRATULATIONS Jeremy & Kyle! We wish you all the best as you begin your new journey together…

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Heather & Rick’s Folly Beach Wedding

What a joy it was to witness the outpouring of love at Heather & Rick’s wedding last weekend!!!

Heather & Rick had originally planned for a big wedding in Virginia with all their family and friends gathered around them. Unfortunately with the pandemic still a threat, they felt it was important to cancel those plans. Instead they decided to get married in an intimate service in front of an adorable beach house they had rented on Folly Beach. 🙂

The weather that morning wasn’t looking good. But minutes after I had arrived, the rain broke and we seized the opportunity at hand. Heather & Rick must be living right, because the skies stayed dry JUST long enough for us to have the ceremony and capture some beautiful beach photos of this amazing couple!

CONGRATULATIONS Heather & Rick! We wish you all the best as you begin your new journey together…

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Jenna & Christopher’s Sunrise Engagement on Folly Beach

Christopher is the most AMAZING guitarist I know! Plus he’s a kind spirit and a gentle old soul. I love hanging out with this guy:

I was SO EXCITED a few weeks ago when Christopher told me he and Jenna were engaged! Even more so, I was absolutely honored when he asked if I would photograph their wedding!!!

Yesterday the three of us met down by the Folly Beach Pier, which is where he proposed to Jenna. Jenna is absolutely stunning, vibrant, and full of life!  She’s super creative, and a joy to be around. I loved getting to know her.  And I can’t wait to photograph their beautiful wedding!

To see more of their engagement photos, visit:

We had a BLAST photographing their sunrise engagement session. We even captured a couple re-enactments of Christopher’s proposal in the very spot where he asked Jenna to become his wife! 🙂

Maisha & Danny’s Folly Beach Wedding

Maisha and Danny were married last week on a beautiful afternoon, in front of a gorgeous beach house, on the delightful island of Folly Beach!

Because Danny is the Executive Chef at a country club in Atlanta, and normally works on weekends, they decided to have their wedding on a Wednesday. Smart! He’s been in enough of his friend’s weddings on the weekend, that he told all of them: “Guess what! I had to take off work for YOUR weddings. Now you get to take off work for mine!”  🙂

Maisha is one of the Atlanta Rollergirls. Let me tell you, these ladies are TOUGH!!! She was telling me about their workouts, and all the injuries they’ve sustained…pretty impressive stuff! But not only is she a powerful young lady…she’s also beautiful! And I mean beautiful both inside and out.

Maisha and Danny, along with their fun and fabulous wedding party, met up with me in downtown Charleston for some cool shots before the ceremony. We started at Waterfront Park, strolled around the French Quarter, and even made it up to Rainbow Row. We had a BLAST!!!  To see the rest of their photos, head over to:

Eventually, we headed over to Folly Beach, where the fabulous Rachel of had everything beautifully decorated. I had to give Rachel a HUGE hug for recommending us to Maisha and Danny. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect couple to work with!

The ceremony was led by Rev. Barbara of One Gal and A Wedding. And the beautiful music was performed by Corinne Gooden.

CONGRATULATIONS Maisha & Danny! We wish you all the best as you begin your new journey together!!!

Maniesha & Travis Part 3: Folly Beach Rock-the-Dress Shoot

For the grand finale of Maniesha & Travis’ amazing Charleston wedding celebration, we met up at Folly Beach for an incredible Trash-the-Dress session!

Actually, we prefer the term Rock-the-Dress. Some even call it Rock-the-Frock.  Regardless of what you call it, I love the romantic notion behind this concept. When a bride elects to do a TTD session, essentially she’s saying “I have found the one true love of my life, and will never need this dress again!!!” Isn’t that sweet?!?  Of course most brides get it cleaned and sell it, or get it preserved in a shadowbox. But the best part is, they have all these AMAZING, creative, artistic, and unique images to hang in their home or preserve in their album to commemorate this special day when they said “I do”.

CONGRATULATIONS again to Maniesha & Travis! You are two very special people. Your son Dallas is lucky to have you. And I consider myself lucky to have met you!!!

P.S.  As soon as we finished shooting and got out of the water, a pod of dolphins came RIGHT UP to us…as if to investigate this strange shimmering gown that was so elegantly swaying in the waved!!!  How cool is that?!?  🙂

Laura & Kyle Do It on Folly Beach

After courting her for a while, Kyle proposed to Laura over Christmas last year.  Soon wedding plans were in full swing and through their fabulous wedding planner, Emmy at Peacock Events, I was the lucky photographer they picked to cover their special day!  J  Laura is a teacher…and you all KNOW how much I love and respect teachers!  Her and Kyle live in Greer, where they’ll be returning after their fabulous Jamaica Honeymoon.  Laura & Kyle rented a beautiful home on the marsh side of Folly beach where they could do their “I Do’s”.  As it turns out, it was the home of my good friend and fellow photographer, Charlie Thiel!!!  The late afternoon summer showers held off juuuust long enough for the ceremony and a few photos on the lawn.  And they didn’t dampen the fun atmosphere and crazy party that ensued!  I had a great time and LOVED being a part of Laura & Kyle’s beautiful wedding day.  To see their fun Music Video, head over to and click on the first image.  To see their Engagement Portraits and the rest of their Wedding Photos, head over to  CONGRATULATIONS to Laura & Kyle…may you have a LIFETIME OF DREAMS together!!!