Another Beautiful Home for Solaris

Last week I had the immense pleasure of photographing another beautiful home for Solaris Inc. The incredible creativity in their designs, and the amazing attention to detail they put into their houses is astounding!!!

Waterfront Home for Solaris

Since receiving our FAA Certification for Commercial Drone Photography last year, we’ve been loving all the requests for amazing aerial images!

This shoot for Solaris was one of my favorite interior/architecture assignments to date. The freedom allowed by the DJI Mavic Pro to capture epic images from impossible angles was fantastic! This quad-copter is a real work horse, combining excellent quality with a streamlines size that allows it to fly in higher wind gusts than previous models.

In addition to the benefits of the drone, this was also the first time I had used the incredible Nikon D850 on such an assignment. The detail and resolution provided by this new high-performance camera is INCREDIBLE!!! The sensor in this camera is the first ever to receive a “Perfect 100” score from the independent testing agency DXO Optics. I’ve been very pleased to add this camera to our arsenal.

Between the DJI Mavic Pro and the Nikon D850, I’m wondering if we’ve hit upon the best one-two combination for architecture photography ever?!?

Many thanks to Julie at Solaris for all her help on this project!

Kiawah Cottage for Solaris Inc.

One of my favorite parts about my job is that no two assignments are ever the same!

I photograph a lot of “people” assignments where juggling personalities is a large part of the equation. Balancing those assignments with the more cerebral ones like architecture and interior photography is always a nice change of pace. Houses don’t talk. To capture their “good side” involves carefully calculating the best lighting, angles, and perspectives.

One of my favorite architecture clients is Solaris, Inc. They create such BEAUTIFUL houses with such unique character! They pay attention to the fine details.  Every little piece of the puzzle is considered to ensure it belongs in the design.

Here is one of their amazing projects on Kiawah Island that I had the honor of photographing recently!  Kudos to Steve on another brilliant home.  And Thanks to Julie for always being so great to work with.

Charleston Condos for Solaris Inc.

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing a couple of AMAZING downtown condos for my favorite architecture firm, Solaris Inc.

Their attention to detail, their creativity, and their ingenuity never ceases to amaze me! From TVs hidden inside antique cabinets, to TVs mounted behind bathroom mirrors…it truly is AMAZING what these guys come up with! I love photographing interior and architecture assignments JUST to see what neat ideas they’ve incorporated into the design.

Many thanks to the wonderful team at Solaris…great job as always!!!