Rock the Dress

Don't worry about getting your wedding dress dirty, that's half the fun!

Also known as Trash-the-Dress, Rock-the-Frock, Fearless Bridal, or Romance shoots…our Rock-the-Dress sessions are always a BLAST!!!

There are so many demands and pressures on you during the wedding day, that it’s hard to truly relax, have fun, and be yourselves.  Those pressures and distractions sometimes show through in the photos.  Plus, you’re limited by time and locations.  The photos of the two of you are often squeezed in between shots with the wedding party at the church, or portraits with the family at the reception.  So there’s no time to go off and find exotic and interesting locations elsewhere!

A Rock-the-Dress shoot is scheduled anywhere from the day after the wedding, to a few weeks down the road once you’re back from your honeymoon.  The cool part is, we aren’t limited to the wedding and reception venues.  We can schedule it anywhere we want!  Maybe you didn’t have time on the wedding day to walk along The Battery, visit Rainbow Row, or stop for photos at Waterfront Park?  Or maybe you got married downtown, but would like some whimsical Charleston Plantation to be the backdrop of some of your wedding photos?  What if you’re a “beach gal” but your mom insisted your wedding take place at the family church?  A Rock-the-Dress shoot allows you to pick whatever amazing backdrop you want!!!

The best part is, since you’re already married, and since your dress has already survived the frenzy of dancing all night long at your reception…we don’t have to worry about getting it dirty!  You can climb a grand old oak tree, you can run on the sandy beach, or *gasp* you could even jump in the ocean!  With no schedule to worry about, we can relax, laugh, and have a ball…all while creating beautiful and dramatic images of the two of you to remember this special time in your lives!

“Chris! You, as always have done an AMAZING job! You can never retire from photography because we want to use you forever! haha These pictures are SO good! We’ve looked at them over and over again! Thank you so much for not only doing such great work, but for being so great to work with! We love them ALL!”
Allison Huckle