something to remember & commemorate this special time in your life

Originating in Europe, Bridal Portraits were historically oil paintings of royalty in their bridal regalia and were traditionally commissioned by the bride’s family to commemorate such a special occasion. Before World War II, it was rare to have a photographer at your wedding.  So Bridal Portraits were made in the photographer’s studio before the wedding, becoming a family keepsake that was displayed on an easel near the guest book and then hung in the bride’s parents home for years to come.  To this day, brides still have Bridal Sessions, and still give the final Bridal Portrait that was displayed at their wedding reception to their father.  It’s a special gift from “Daddy’s little girl” when she leaves the home to begin her new life as a wife and mother.

The bridal portrait is still a very popular tradition in the South.  However, the days of stone-faced studio sessions are long gone. Now brides are opting for a more personalized and natural setting that not only conveys the bride’s beauty, but her fun personality as well.  Many brides also use this day as a trial run for hair and makeup.  And of course it’s a great way to get to know your photographer, becoming more comfortable in front of the lens prior to the Big Day!

We absolutely adore this classy southern tradition of photographing Bridal Portraits a few weeks before the wedding!  After all, this is potentially the most exquisite, the most elegant, and the most expensive gown a young lady will ever own. To only wear it for one day would be a tragedy!  So why not schedule a fun “fashion shoot” with you and your gown…creating some amazing images to commemorate this special time in your life?

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"Oh my goodness! Words cannot describe how much we loved having Chris and Cami Photography for our engagement, bridal and wedding photographers! Our pictures turned out better than I would have ever hoped for! Chris was such a fun and energetic person to work with. He always made me and my husband feel comfortable around the camera and when it came time for the wedding he was everywhere at once. There is not one picture that I wanted that I don’t have. His pictures do more than capture a moment, they really tell a beautiful story. They truly capture the energy of the wedding day and the excitement that everyone was feeling. I’m so happy that we found Chris and Cami as our photographers and I would absolutely recommend them to anyone for any type of photography!"
Molly Rountree