Kelsey & Evan’s Wedding at Alhambra Hall

Last weekend, I had the incredible pleasure of photographing Kelsey and Evan’s stunning wedding at Alhambra Hall in picturesque Mt. Pleasant, SC. It was a day filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable moments against the backdrop of Charleston’s cityscape across the harbor.

Kelsey was absolutely gorgeous in her exquisite gown. If you haven’t already, check out the beautiful portraits from her Bridal Shoot here: After her mom and maid of honor helped get her ready, Kelsey had a private First Look with her dad, and her step-dad…followed by a fun “reveal” to the rest of her bridesmaids. Evan looked quite dashing in his suit classic navy suit as well.

Their love and excitement were palpable throughout the day, from the tender moments during the ceremony to the lively celebration with family and friends during the reception.  As a wedding photographer, my goal is always to not only document the events of the day but to also capture the emotions and atmosphere that make each wedding unique. Kelsey and Evan’s wedding was a photographer’s dream, with plenty of candid moments and genuine expressions that truly reflected their love story.

One of the highlights was photographing the couple during sunset. Hidden behind low-hanging clouds for much of the afternoon, the fiery sun revealed itself for a brief moment through a sliver in the sky just as it hit the horizon near the famous Arthur Ravenel Bridge. This creating a dramatic backdrop for their final portraits before the party kicked into top gear.

The reception was an absolute BLAST!!!  From their grand entrance to the heartfelt toasts, from the anniversary dance to the bouquet toss, from the cake cutting to the final sparkler exit…it was an absolute joy to witness Kelsey & Evan’s excitement as they danced and celebrated this milestone surrounded by their loved ones.

I’m grateful to have been a part of Kelsey and Evan’s special day. It’s weddings like theirs that remind me why I love what I do—capturing true love, eternal joy, and new beginnings.

Congratulations Kelsey & Evan! We wish you all the happiness in the world as you begin your new journey together as husband and wife!!!

Bridge Commercial Headshots

It’s been an honor to work with Bridge Commercial over the last decade or so.

Yesterday I had the privilege of photographing updated headshots for them. The scheduling was prompted because they had just hired Morgan, the latest member of their growing team. But of course we opened the shoot up to anyone who wanted an updated headshot. Several folks came down for updates because they have a different hair style, lost some weight, etc. What a great pleasure it was to see Executive Vice President Hagood come down for an update! Hagood was one of the first people I photographed for the firm!!! He hasn’t changed much…just a little grayer and wiser like me. HA!

Many thanks to Kennedy for organizing everyone’s schedules and making this happen.

Headshots for the Joye Law Firm

The best part of my job is meeting new, fun, and friendly people!!!

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing some new headshots for the Joye Law Firm. I’ve been working with their team for a few years now. And everyone they hire always seems to be so happy! I’d say this law firm must be really great to work for. Having a friendly work environment and a pleasant culture to be a part of makes for happy employees!!!

Rosen Hagood Marketing Photos

Last year, I had the pleasure of photographing the Grand Opening of the new Rosen Hagood office. I had a great time and really enjoyed working with them. So I was extremely pleased when they reached out again to see if I could help them with some new marketing and branding photos for their website!

Usually law firms request fairly standard headshots. But the Rosen Hagood Law Firm decided they wanted something different! As a creative, I LOVED the concept they pitched. They were looking for something more casual, artistic, and classic. What better way to do that then with some timeless black-and-white, right?!?

Many thanks to Morgan for helping to coordinate everyone’s schedules and share their ideas…

Headshots for Weeks & Irvine

Becca moved here to attend the Charleston School of Law. She specialized in real-estate law. And has joined the amazing team at Weeks & Irvine! It was a pleasure photographing her headshots this morning.

Not only has Bacca had a great start to her new career, she’s also getting married in 5 weeks! She and her fiance, along with 140 of their favorite friends and family, are heading to Key West to tie the knot. How fun is that? 🙂

Everyone help me congratulate Becca on her new position…and on her upcoming wedding!!!

Headshots for Joye Law Firm

In a complex personal injury case, two sisters suffered severe and permanent injuries as passengers in a Tesla accident in Charleston. The case was handled by Attorney Mark Joye of the Joye Law Firm. The litigation involved challenging negotiations with the Cincinnati Insurance Company, which initially understated the available insurance coverage. Ultimately, Mark was able to get a $2,417,500 settlement for the sisters. This case highlights the importance of skilled legal representation in personal injury cases.

It was an honor to photograph updated headshots for the Joye Law Firm last week. I set up a portable studio in their atrium, with a white background, and a high-key Rembrandt lighting style. I used the Nikon Z9, Nikkor 70-200 f2.8 Z, Flashpoint speedlights (x5), Manfrotto supports, and Westcott umbrellas. Of course I created serious portraits of each employee. But my favorites are the fun “outtakes” that I frequently throw in to help people get relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera!!! 🙂

Many thanks to Nicole & Rachel for coordinating schedules and helping organize the shoot.

Why Use Flash for Outdoor Portraits?

A nice couple was walking by as I set up my lights for a photo shoot on Daniel Island. Curious, they asked “why are you using flash for outdoor photos?” I thought that was a great question!

Commonwealth Financial is a longtime client. Several times a year, they have me come out to photograph headshots of new advisors that have joined their team. Heather is always so good about organizing everyone’s schedules and coordinating these photo shoots. She had arranged for me to come out for some updates this week.

We always schedule their headshots in the morning, when the side of their building is in open shade. That way, the light is consistent each time I go out, and nobody is squinting in the sunlight. The even shade also gives me a blank canvas to work with. It creates the ambient light that illuminates the side of the building that we always use as the backdrop, plus provides a nice fill light to the faces. Yes, I could just shoot these headshots with natural light. The light would be nice and soft. But it would also be flat, lacking punch and directionality. Plus it would be inconsistent from shoot to shoot…on overcast days it would be extra flat with a cool color tone…on sunny days it would be warmer and more contrasty. For these reasons, I always blend in some lighting from off-camera flash.

For the main light (to the subject’s right), I set up a Manfrotto lightstand, with 3 SB-5000 flashes on a bracket, firing into an Westcott Apollo 50″ softbox. Since this is a very large light source, susceptible to wind, the stand is held in place by 4 10-lb BoaBags. On the opposite side, firing from behind the subject’s left shoulder, I place another Manfrotto lightstand. This one has a single SB-5000 flash, firing into a Westcott Apollo Strip softbox, and is held down by a single 10-lb BoaBag. This light provides a “kicker” that highlights the hair, provides a little fill on the cheek, gives a little edging to the shoulders, and helps separate the subject from the background. I shoot these portraits using my Nikon Z9 with the Nikkor Z 70-200 f2.8 lens on a Manfrotto tripod.

In the first photo, you can see the results without flash, which I shoot to get a “base” exposure. There’s nothing wrong with it. The light just doesn’t sculpt the face and provide the punch I like in a headshots! The subsequent shots show the final results with the off-camera flashes. I hope this helps answer the question of why I use flash for outdoor portraits!

Headshots for McCabe Trotter & Beverly

Over the years, I’ve developed some wonderful relationships within the photography industy. Charleston…and South Carolina as a whole…has a wonderfully supportive cummunity of photographers. If a client contacts me and I’m not available, I find out what they are looking for and recommend several photographers who I know personally, and trust to do a great job for them. Frequently, that good karma comes back to me!

Last week, my friend and amazingly talented photographer, Clark Berry, passed along one of his clients for me. Clark is from Columbia, and photographs headshots for McCabe, Trotter & Beverly, P.C. But when they opened a new branch in Charleston, Clark’s schedule was too tight to drive all the way down here for one headshot. So he recommended me! He also sent me samples of how he photographed the ones in Columbia, what lights he used, and even a behind-the-scenes photo of his setup.

From that information, I was able to meet up with attorney Jim Lady at the new office, and capture a variety of headshots that mirrored the style Clark had used on the original photos!

Gracie’s Senior Portraits

I’ve been photographing Gracie’s family for over a decade. Every year they vacation down here on Seabrook Island, during which we pick a fun spot around town to meet up for a fun photo session.  I just photographed their family earilier this summer.  But this weekend, I had the distinct pleasure of photographing an entire session just for Gracie!

It’s been such a joy documenting Gracie’s life from when I first met her as a shy little girl! Watching her grow into this beautiful, confident, inteligent and independant young lady makes me so honored that her family welcomed me into their lives and allowed me to preserve all her life-stages along the way.

I know Grace’s parents are so proud of her! And I am SUPER EXCITED for what the future holds for her. Keep an eye out for this young lady…great things lie ahead. And please help me congratulate her on achieving this fantastic milestone!!!

Jacqueline’s Portraits for Carolina One Real Estate

It was a pleasure meeting and photographing Jacqueline for her new position at Carolina One Real Estate! She and her husband are originally from Puerto Rico. They have 4 adorable kids. And she loves her new tattoo. Please help me welcome her to the team!!!

Headshots for Elliott Davis

Photographing headshots yesterday for Elliott Davis, one of my favorite clients, was an absolute blast!

Working with the individuals at Elliott Davis is always a delightful experience. I arrived early to find a picturesque backdrop for us to use. The morning light was gorgeous. And everyone was so much fun! I couldn’t have asked for a more enjoyable session. And I’m grateful for the opportunity to continue collaborating with such a talented and inspiring team!

Madi & Connor’s Rainbow Row Engagement

Madi & Connor are ENGAGED!!!

I had so much fun catching up with them and photographing their engagement photos yesterday. Madi & Connor went to high-school together. He is now in his first year of medical school. And she is in her last year of dental school. They are an absolutely ADORABLE couple…about to embark on the biggest adventure of all.  I can’t wait to be there for them on their wedding day!!!

Please help share some love and encouragement for these two during this special time in their lives…