Congratulations on your engagement! 

There are so many reasons why we truly LOVE photographing these amazing marquee moments in a beautiful couple’s life. Weddings are a non-stop cornucopia of spontaneous moments…each wedding is completely unique and different…weddings take place in beautiful and exotic locations…everyone looks absolutely fabulous at weddings…the energy and excitement on the wedding day is always sky-high.  How could we NOT enjoy hanging out with a gorgeous couple on the happiest day of their lives!!!

Known for our creativity, quality, and style…whether it’s a picture-perfect day or raining cats and dogs, we have the skills to create stunning images under any circumstance.  I have a deep passion for photography and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. We love meeting new people, especially couples who are excited about sharing the happiest moments of their lives with us. We look forward to being there to guide and support you as you plan, prepare, and sail through your wedding day.  We work well under pressure.  And our couples routinely thank us for the “calming effect” we had on their nerves during the most stressful parts of their day.

Cami and I both have Professional Photography degrees (kind of rare these days) and have been photographing professionally for over 20 years.  We only use the top-of-the-line, most expensive equipment available.  We are truly passionate about what we do…and it shows in the positive energy we bring to the wedding, and the way we go above and beyond for our clients.

Our work has been featured everywhere from local publications like Charleston Weddings to international ones like Family Circle Magazine and tons of wedding blogs in between.  Our corporate clients include great people,  like Google, T-Mobile, ESPN, Comcast, Volvo, Sports Illustrated, Boeing, and Holiday Inn. It’s humbling to have such amazing organizations trusting us with their reputation!

We’ve photographed politicians like Senator Tim Scott and Secretary of State John Kerry, celebrities like the B-52s and Steve Harvey, Olympic legends like Kerri Walsh and Karch Kiraly, Superstars like Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams, business leaders like the CEO of GE and the president of Crayon, and even former Mr. President himself, George H. W. Bush.  So you’ll be in good company.  🙂

It’s been our pleasure to photograph destination weddings all across America, as well as in exotic locales from Jamaica to Romania, Canada to Costa Rica.  Not only are we full time photographers, but also educators…specializing in teaching creative lighting techniques to other photographers around the country.  We have a reputation for being fun to work with, producing dramatic and creative images, and providing fast delivery. We are truly honored to have received both the coveted WeddingWire Bride’s Choice Award AND The Best of The Knot Award for many years running.

Local planners say we are the best value in town…delivering high-end photography at an affordable price!  Jessica Cruz, Event Manager at Magnolia Plantation & Gardens writes:  “You really do capture their day flawlessly…you certainly brought tears to my eyes!”  Want to see what other couples thought about our services?  We have one of the highest number of 5-star ratings of any locally owned studio in the state!  Check out real reviews at and

Weddings challenge our photographic skills…and we LOVE a good challenge!  My favorite event at the Olympics is the decathlon.  This competition is the pinnacle of athletic perfection!  A sprinter is good at running fast.  A marathon runner is good at running long distances.  A high-jumper can…well…jump high.  But a decathlete has to do ALL these disciplines and more!!!  In the same way, to be a really good wedding photographer, we have to be exceptional at photojournalism, portraiture, macro photography, landscape, architecture, sports, and more!  Over the past 20+ years, we’ve photographed hundreds of assignments in all these disciplines…honing and sharpening our skills to perfection.  So when you hire us, you’re not just getting a one-sided photographer.  You’re getting a team with the training, the knowledge, and the experience to capture EVERY aspect of this amazing time in your lives!!!

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"Chris and Cami photographed my wedding a few weekends ago. They did a phenomenal job. They literally captured every minute of the best day of my life and every person who was there. When looking at the pictures I feel like I’m reliving the day all over again. I am so excited that I can look back on these for the rest of my life. Chris and Cami truly captured my vision for the wedding and I will be forever grateful."
Sarah Kessler