Wildlife Photography

Explore the challenges of capturing images of avian wildlife & learn specific photographic techniques

Learn From An Expert

This intensive workshop offers those interested in wildlife photography the opportunity to learn directly from someone with first-hand experience in the photography of live birds of prey. Chris Smith has worked with the Center for many years and has taken tens of thousands of images of the Center’s resident birds. With his thoughtful instruction, Chris helps attendees explore the challenges of capturing images of avian wildlife and assists in gaining a better understanding of the use of specific photographic techniques.

More About the Program

Both 1/2 and Full-day participants will enjoy refreshments upon arrival, instruction in Camera Setup and Use of Technical Controls as well as a 3-hour instructor-led experience photographing live birds of prey. Throughout this process, Chris will provide personalized guidance to help photographers learn new skills and techniques. 15 different species of birds of prey from around the world will be utilized to illustrate various photographic techniques such as creating contrast and contour, freezing the action, continuous focus vs. single focus, and use of purposeful motion blur.

Those who attend the full-day program will also receive lunch and training on how best to select and edit your images in Adobe Lightroom. An optional behind-the-scenes tour of the Avian Medical Clinic and South Carolina Oiled Bird Treatment Facility will also be offered to full-day attendees.


Space is limited for this special program so that the experience is optimized for all attendees. We are offering 12 spots for the full-day program and 13 for the 1/2-day program.



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