Pat & Adrienne’s Surprise Proposal at Magnolia Plantation

Sometimes I feel like I get MORE nervous than my clients when they are about to pop the big surprise marriage proposal!!!

This morning, Pat was as cool as a cucumber as he escorted his beautiful girlfriend, Adrienne, onto the famous White Bridge at Magnolia Plantation! He and I had been working out the details for me to capture this very special moment for the two of them. He had carefully picked out the PERFECT spot, with a gorgeous southern background, that would take her breath away. My heart pounded in my chest as they reached the top of the bridge. But Pat calmly dropped to his knee and surprised her with a GORGEOUS diamond!!!

Afterwards, we enjoyed a fun walk-about together. While exploring the plantation, I captured some AUTHENTIC engagement photos for them to remember this amazing day and this special time in their lives!

CONGRATULATIONS Adrienne & Pat! We wish you all the best as you begin this new journey together!!!

Paul’s Secret Proposal to Amber at White Point Garden

When Amber & Paul were trying to figure out if they wanted to move to Charleston, one of the places they fell in love with was the picturesque Waterfront Park.

It was the PERFECT spot for Paul to ask Amber to be his wife!!! So he and I hatched a sneaky plan to entice Amber to the dock at the southern tip of the park, where he would pop the big question, and I would capture the amazing moment! 🙂

Arriving at the spot early, I was delighted that the dock was empty, and the lighting was perfect! Spotting Paul as he and Amber walked hand-in-hand down the path towards me, my palms got sweaty and my heart quickened. Would she follow him to our planned spot? Would she spot me sitting there, pretending to read a map? Would a stray tourist walk in front of me and block “the shot”?

All my fears for for naught. Paul expertly guided her to our designated location. Everything worked out beautifully. And Amber said “YES”!!! 🙂

CONGRATULATIONS Amber & Paul! You two are such an AMAZING couple! It was such an honor for me to be a part of this special day with you!!!

To see more of their images, visit:

P.S. Funny side story…my friends and amazing photographers, Valerie & Ed, showed up shortly after the proposal. They had just photographed another couple getting engaged on the other end of the park. Love is in the air! CONGRATULATIONS to their couple as well!!!

Dustin’s Surprise Proposal to Ashley at Waterfront Park

I’m SO EXCITED to share a few favorites from Dustin & Ashley’s Secret Proposal this evening!!!

Ashley & Dustin live in Nashville, where they met through mutual friends. Dustin is a manager at Lucchese Boots. Ashley practices law. In fact, she lived in Charleston for a bit while attending the Charleston School of Law. Which is why Dustin thought this would be the PERFECT place to propose!

He began scheming and planned a fun get-away for the two of them to visit the Holy City. She thought it was just a fun get-away so that she could show him all her favorite old haunts. But he had secretly asked her father’s permission to marry his daughter, had talked to all her closest friends to get ideas, had set up a fake Pinterest account so that he could see what kind of rings she liked, and had even contacted me about photographing it!

We spent weeks planning out every detail. Finally the big day arrived…and everything worked out perfect 🙂

CONGRATULATIONS Ashley & Dustin! You are a very special couple. I’m so happy that each of you will soon get to marry your best friend!!!

Cody’s Proposal to KC at Magnolia Plantation

Cody is an AMAZING guy. And he’s head over heals in love with KC!!! He and I have spent the last few weeks going back and forth to plan and prepare, making sure everything would be perfect for his Surprise Proposal to KC. 🙂

The big day finally arrived. Earlier this morning, on a beautiful summer day, on the magical white bridge at the picturesque Magnolia Plantation, Cody asked KC to be his bride!!!

Afterwards, we wandered around the gorgeous grounds, photographing their AUTHENTIC Engagement Session. KC is absolutely gorgeous! I can see why Cody is smitten. But the truth is, their love runs even deeper. Finishing each other’s sentences, stealing knowing glances at each other, laughing quietly and hugging each other as we explored avenues of oaks draped in Spanish moss…I could tell these two truly share something special!

Visit to see more of their delightful photos.

CONGRATULATIONS Cody & KC!!! We wish you two all the best as you begin your new journey together!

Laura & Ryan’s AWESOME Proposal on Daniel Island

Laura has been working with Cami and I for several years! She’s our second-shooter, our confidant, and our friend.  We were overjoyed when she found true love in Ryan. But our excitement DOUBLED when Ryan told us he was planning to ask for Laura’s hand in marriage, and that he wanted us to capture it!!!  🙂

It was easily the most AMAZING secret proposal I’ve had the pleasure of photographing. Laura’s friend, Shelly (who’s wedding I photographed several years ago) was also in on the surprise, keeping Laura busy up until the perfect moment. Plus, to top it all off, my good friend and incredible photographer, Peter Finger of, joined in to capture the excitement from yet another angle, as well as sneaking a few fun shots of me setting up! Ryan & Laura literally had a TEAM of behind-the-scenes characters working together to pull this off. How appropriate since they are the most loving, giving, and wonderful people to be around!!!

I can’t tell the complete story NEARLY as beautifully as Laura can. I was literally tearing up as I read it!!! So head over to her blog to experience their wonderful story for yourself:

CONGRATULATIONS Laura & Ryan!!! May you find love, joy, and laughter for the rest of your lives with every step you take together!

Preston’s Secret Proposal to Stevie at Magnolia Plantation

Preston is quite the gentleman! He contacted me way back in October to set plans in motion for his Surprise Proposal to his beautiful girlfriend, Stevie. He wanted everything to be PERFECT for her!!!

Well, the big day finally arrived. And everything DID turn out perfect. We had beautiful weather, very few tourists, and Stevie said “YES”!!! What could be better than that?!?

Preston proposed at the middle of the famous white bridge at Magnolia Plantation. What an iconic location to become engaged, right? Hailing from Kansas, he and Stevie have been dating for 8 years now. We wish them all the happiness in the world as they begin this NEW journey together as husband and wife!  🙂

Mackenzie & Ashley’s Surprise Proposal

It was almost a month ago when Ashley called to see if I would secretly photograph his Surprise Proposal. He and I have had so much fun making plans and preparing for this special day!

Ashley and Mackenzie have been together for several years now. They have fallen head-over-heals in love. And he couldn’t wait to ask for her hand in marriage!!!

Arriving in town after a short drive from their home outside Atlanta, Ashley brought Mackenzie for a short walk to White Point Garden before dinner. Spotting them coming down Meeting Street, I quickly hid in my spot and waited…heart pounding inside! Ashley expertly manuvered Mackenzie to the exact spot we had picked out, and dropped to bended knee, asking Mackenzie to be his wife. It was such a beautiful moment!!!

Afterwards, we had a really fun AUTHENTIC Engagement Session, while we explored the beautiful historic downtown area.  Then Ashley and Mackenzie headed off to a celebratory dinner at Circa 1886.

CONGRATULATIONS Mackenzie & Ashley! Cami and I wish you all the best for a beautiful new journey together. 🙂

Megan & Chandler’s Secret Proposal at Middleton Place

What is life without love in your heart?

When Chandler contacted me several weeks ago with his AMAZING ideas for how he wanted to propose to Megan, I knew he truly loved her. It’s always so refreshing to me when I meet REAL men, who are kind, thoughtful, and selfless! I loved his enthusiasm and his sincerity…and I knew I HAD to photograph his Secret Proposal!!!

Chandler and I planned out every detail together over the ensuing weeks. Yesterday at Middleton Place Plantation, on a grassy hill overlooking the Ashley River, surrounded by old oak trees adorned with Spanish moss swaying in the breeze, Chandler asked Megan to be his bride! It was such an honor to capture and preserve this beautiful moment between two young people in love!!!

Afterward Chandler revealed the secret that he’d had the whole affair photographed (I love Megan’s expression…HA!), we photographed their AUTHENTIC engagement photos. It was so much fun to stroll around the beautiful plantation, finding gorgeous backgrounds to shoot in, and getting to know them Chandler & Megan along the way.

We concluded our session near the Middleton Place Restaurant, where Chandler had made reservations for them to have a delightful dinner to celebrate their engagement. CONGRATULATIONS Megan & Chandler!!! We wish you all the best as you begin this new journey together…

Loryssa & Tony’s Secret Proposal at Middleton Place Plantation

Yesterday I had the privilege of photographing Tony’s surprise marriage proposal to his longtime girlfriend, Loryssa, at beautiful Middleton Place Plantation!

Tony and I had been planning this surprise together for months! We had worked out every detail, and thought of every contingency…except the weather. The days leading up to the big event found torrential rains bombarding Charleston. But on the morning in question, the clouds magically drifted out to sea, and the sunshine rained down on a gorgeous spring day!

Arriving at Middleton Plantation extra early, I had time to set up a remote camera with a secondary angle to the one I was shooting from. Then I get hidden in place to wait for their arrival. Tony had done his research, and hit his mark perfectly!  It was a picture-perfect moment.  Hiding under my camouflage cover, my heart melted, and I may have shed a tear.  What a blessing to be able to witness this gesture of true love.

Here’s a little sneak peek of some of my favorite images. You can find the rest in their Online Gallery at:

Meredith & Peyton’s Secret Proposal at White Point Garden

It’s been a looong time coming!!!

Peyton, with the help of his incredible family, has been secretly planning his proposal to Meredith in the heart of beautiful downtown Charleston for months! Yesterday, the big day finally arrived. The dreary weather had finally cleared away, leaving us the perfect day for him to ask for her hand in marriage.

But when I got to the spot we had so carefully picked out at The Battery Park, the city of Charleston had roped it all off to let the grass grow in!  After a flurry of frantic texts back and forth, we had an excellent “Plan B” in place. Fortunately, Meredith still had no clue what was in store.  So everything turned out PERFECT!!!

After she said “Yes”, the three of us had a wonderful time strolling through the park, around the old historic district, and along The Battery, capturing amazing engagement photos as we went. Returning to the park, his family was there to congratulate the newly engaged couple, before sending them off on a romantic carriage ride.  To see the rest of their images, visit:

Longtime sweethearts from ECU (and recent graduates I might add), Meredith and Peyton are absolutely perfect for each other!!! I was so honored, and had so much fun capturing this exciting once-in-a-lifetime event for them.

CONGRATULATIONS Meredith & Petyon! We wish you all the best for a beautiful new life together…

Caroline & Matt’s Secret Wedding Proposal

“I am stationed at the Navy Nuclear Power School in Goose Creek. I will be graduating on March 20th, and I plan on proposing to my girlfriend downtown later that afternoon.”

WOW!!! Matt wrote this to me back on February 5th! I think it is SO COOL when guys make such special plans, so far in advance, to capture all the excitement of their marriage proposal. It really takes a special kind of guy to recognize the importance of the occasion, and to want to preserve it for his future fiance to be able to remember it through beautiful photographs!

Matt & I became great pen-pals over the ensueing weeks, as we discussed locations, times, and logistics…finally settling on a great game plan. After graduation, he and his family, along with Caroline, would have lunch downtown at Cru Cafe. He and Caroline would then take a nice stroll down to The Battery while his parents went on a carriage tour. Once they got to White Point Garden, we had a special spot all picked out, where he would take a knee and ask Caroline to be his wife!

I arrived early and got everything staged for their arrival. Entering the park right on cue, everything went down absolutely perfect! Oh, and as if you can’t tell by the photos, Caroline said “YES”!!!  🙂

CONGRATULATIONS Caroline & Matt! In the brief moments we shared together, I could tell you are two souls who are beautifully and wonderfully made PERFECT for each other. We wish for you all the love and happiness that you deserve!!!