Jeff & Sarah’s Kiawah Island Surprise Proposal

After arriving early, carefully picking out “the spot”, and settling in to wait for Jeff’s surprise proposal to his beautiful girlfriend, Sarah, a group of a dozen middle-aged men in khaki shorts and Hawaiian shirts came walking down to the beach with beers in hand and a cooler in tow. I got REALLY nervous since Jeff had just texted that they were in the parking lot! Luckily, they were great guys and after hearing about the exciting moment that was about to transpire, they happily moved down the beach so as not to obstruct our beautiful backdrop. 🙂

Jeff, his father, and I have been secretly planning for this surprise proposal for a long time! After careful deliberation, we settled on the picturesque beach and grounds of the historic Ocean Course. It was so much fun working with them to pick out the PERFECT location for this very special moment in Jeff & Sarah’s lives.

Arriving right on cue after the group of kind gentleman had moved off, Jeff launched into a touching speech he had prepared for Sarah. I have no idea what was said, but he took his time and did it right. I could tell by the AMAZING reactions from Sarah afterwards!

Following the proposal, we had a great time photographing some fun engagement photos together around this gorgeous area on the far reaches of Kiawah Island. It was really neat getting to know these two. I loved how they couldn’t keep their eyes off each other…and how Sarah couldn’t stop smiling!

The excitement continued as we all zipped over to The Sanctuary for yet another surprise. There, waiting with applause and champagne, were both their families, exchanging hugs and high-fives to the new “celebrity couple”. Moving over to the Grand Staircase, we photographed a wide variety of family portraits, the first moments of Jeff & Sarah being welcomed into each other’s families!

It was truly an honor and a pleasure to be a part of beautiful afternoon in Jeff & Sarah’s lives!  CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Kyle & Brittany’s Surprise Proposal at Magnolia Plantation

Hailing from Florida, Kyle and I have been secretly corresponding over the last few months about his PERFECT plan to surprise Brittany by proposing to her on the famous white bridge at Magnolia Plantation! 🙂

Kyle & Brittany have known each other since high-school. But life’s twists and turns found them heading in separate directions. Then a couple years ago, fate brought them back together again! Kyle knew she was THE ONE and decided to ask for her hand in marriage during this special long-weekend get-away to Charleston!

With every detail worked out, Kyle’s carefully laid out plans went into motion this morning. I arrived early at Magnolia Plantation & Gardens and got set up with a beautiful view of the historic white bridge. Right on cue, Kyle and Brittany arrived for him to expertly guide her out into the picturesque overlook, surrounded by cypress trees draped in billowy Spanish moss. They were the FIRST ones on the bridge this morning. So it was quite funny when Brittany ran smack into a spider web. The distraction gave Kyle the perfect opportunity to drop to his knee and surprise her with the ring! It was an absolutely magical moment!!!

For my setup, I used the venerable Nikon D5, and his younger brother the D500. I had the D500 on the Nikkor 200-400 f4 VR, effectively making it a 300-600mm lens. This gave me the tight angle I wanted for capturing their expressions. The D5 was fitted with the 70-200 f2.8 VRII, setting the stage by revealing the entire scene. Each camera had a WR-R10 controller plugged in. The controllers were synchronized so that each time I took a picture with the D500…the D5 instantly fired at the same time. This allowed me to capture two different perspectives at the same exact time.

After Brittany said “YES”, I came out of hiding and met up with them. We had a BLAST photographing tons of beautiful engagement photos for them, while wandering the gorgeous plantation together! Couples who don’t hire a photographer to capture their actual proposal have to “stage” an engagement shoot later on. But Kyle & Brittany were able to have an “authentic” engagement shoot on the actual day of their engagement!!! How cool is that?

CONGRATULATIONS Kyle & Brittany! You guys are so perfect together. We wish you all the best as you begin this new and exciting journey together!!!

Nick Proposes to Hannah on Concord Street

Hannah was absolutely stunned…not that Nick proposed to her, but that SHE HAD NO CLUE!!! Shaking with excitement afterwards, she said:  “I was certain that if and when Nick decided to propose to me, I would somehow know it. He’s not good at hiding things from me! But I truly had NO IDEA he was proposing today!!!”

For months, Nick and I had been secretly planning all the details of his surprise proposal to Hannah. May 6th was her birthday. And May 8th was the anniversary of when they started dating. So he had planned a fun get-away trip to Charleston for the weekend to celebrate. Nick was so clever in using those other big occasions to conceal the REAL reason for the trip.  Now they have ANOTHER big day in May to celebrate!!!

It was an absolutely perfect afternoon in Charleston! With beautiful light, and gorgeous weather, I headed down to our predetermined location to get set up and hide before they arrived. To my horror, the normally deserted corner near Waterfront Park was packed with graduates out celebrating and having their portraits taken. Fortunately, everyone was super understanding when I told them what was about to happen on that historic street corner, and happily moved on to other beautiful backdrops for their photo shoots. With beating heart, I raced back to my spot just in time as Nick and Hannah rounded the corner!

To see the rest of their photos, visit:

I’m SO EXCITED for Nick & Hannah! We had so much fun during their authentic engagement session afterwards. They are an AMAZING couple, and absolutely perfect for each other!!!

Breanna & Logan’s Surprise Proposal on Middle Atlantic Wharf

For over two months now, Logan and I have been secretly planning his surprise proposal to his sweetheart, Breanna!

These two beautiful souls started dating when they were just 15 years old. And when you find your soulmate, you hold onto them, right?!? That’s why Logan decided it was time to ask Breanna to spend the rest of her life with him!

After fretting about the weather all week with Hurricane Michael bearing down on us, the big day finally arrived. And WOW, did we end up with a gorgeous day after all!!! I arrived at our planned location early and hid myself out of sight. Right on cue, Logan expertly guided Breanna to the exact spot, dropped to bended knee, and asked for her hand in marriage. In my dark hiding place, I had to fight back the tears so that I could stay focused on capturing the big event!

In life, we are each given a handful of rare moments that take our breath away and fill our hearts with pure joy. This was one of those moments for me.

CONGRATULATIONS Breanna & Logan! We wish you all the best as you begin your new journey together!!!

Laura & Ryan’s AWESOME Proposal on Daniel Island

Laura has been working with Cami and I for several years! She’s our second-shooter, our confidant, and our friend.  We were overjoyed when she found true love in Ryan. But our excitement DOUBLED when Ryan told us he was planning to ask for Laura’s hand in marriage, and that he wanted us to capture it!!!  🙂

It was easily the most AMAZING secret proposal I’ve had the pleasure of photographing. Laura’s friend, Shelly (who’s wedding I photographed several years ago) was also in on the surprise, keeping Laura busy up until the perfect moment. Plus, to top it all off, my good friend and incredible photographer, Peter Finger of, joined in to capture the excitement from yet another angle, as well as sneaking a few fun shots of me setting up! Ryan & Laura literally had a TEAM of behind-the-scenes characters working together to pull this off. How appropriate since they are the most loving, giving, and wonderful people to be around!!!

I can’t tell the complete story NEARLY as beautifully as Laura can. I was literally tearing up as I read it!!! So head over to her blog to experience their wonderful story for yourself:

CONGRATULATIONS Laura & Ryan!!! May you find love, joy, and laughter for the rest of your lives with every step you take together!

Meredith & Peyton’s Secret Proposal at White Point Garden

It’s been a looong time coming!!!

Peyton, with the help of his incredible family, has been secretly planning his proposal to Meredith in the heart of beautiful downtown Charleston for months! Yesterday, the big day finally arrived. The dreary weather had finally cleared away, leaving us the perfect day for him to ask for her hand in marriage.

But when I got to the spot we had so carefully picked out at The Battery Park, the city of Charleston had roped it all off to let the grass grow in!  After a flurry of frantic texts back and forth, we had an excellent “Plan B” in place. Fortunately, Meredith still had no clue what was in store.  So everything turned out PERFECT!!!

After she said “Yes”, the three of us had a wonderful time strolling through the park, around the old historic district, and along The Battery, capturing amazing engagement photos as we went. Returning to the park, his family was there to congratulate the newly engaged couple, before sending them off on a romantic carriage ride.  To see the rest of their images, visit:

Longtime sweethearts from ECU (and recent graduates I might add), Meredith and Peyton are absolutely perfect for each other!!! I was so honored, and had so much fun capturing this exciting once-in-a-lifetime event for them.

CONGRATULATIONS Meredith & Petyon! We wish you all the best for a beautiful new life together…

Chase & Courtney’s Carriage Ride Proposal

Valentine’s Day is special to a lot of couples. But this year, it was EXTRA special to Chase & Courtney!!!

A few weeks ago, Chase contacted us to let us know his intentions to propose to his girlfriend. Although they are from North Carolina, Courtney LOVEs the history and charm of Charleston! So Chase thought it would be extra special to bring her down for the weekend, and propose on a carriage tour. He arranged for me to be on the same tour, and I brought Cami so that we could pretend to be just another “tourist” couple in town.

Courtney had absolutely NO clue, and everything went as smoothly and perfectly as could be! It was so much fun being a part of their special day. CONGRATULATIONS Chase & Courtney!!!