Laura & Ryan’s AWESOME Proposal on Daniel Island

Laura has been working with Cami and I for several years! She’s our second-shooter, our confidant, and our friend.  We were overjoyed when she found true love in Ryan. But our excitement DOUBLED when Ryan told us he was planning to ask for Laura’s hand in marriage, and that he wanted us to capture it!!!  🙂

It was easily the most AMAZING secret proposal I’ve had the pleasure of photographing. Laura’s friend, Shelly (who’s wedding I photographed several years ago) was also in on the surprise, keeping Laura busy up until the perfect moment. Plus, to top it all off, my good friend and incredible photographer, Peter Finger of, joined in to capture the excitement from yet another angle, as well as sneaking a few fun shots of me setting up! Ryan & Laura literally had a TEAM of behind-the-scenes characters working together to pull this off. How appropriate since they are the most loving, giving, and wonderful people to be around!!!

I can’t tell the complete story NEARLY as beautifully as Laura can. I was literally tearing up as I read it!!! So head over to her blog to experience their wonderful story for yourself:

CONGRATULATIONS Laura & Ryan!!! May you find love, joy, and laughter for the rest of your lives with every step you take together!