Michael’s Secret Proposal at the Barnett Family Christmas Party

It’s been so much fun planning and covertly strategizing with Michael over the last few weeks!

Last night I had the pleasure of photographing the Barnett Family Christmas Party. This fantastic event was held at the gorgeous Governor Thomas Bennett House. But the highlight of the evening was when Michael came up to me and gave me “the nod”.

Knowing exactly what that meant, I snuck out into the courtyard and hid behind a big crape myrtle tree. As soon as I was hidden, Michael secretly brought his beautiful girlfriend, Anne Louise, into the courtyard. While Anne Louise was distracted by his sister (all part of the elaborate scheme), Michael dropped to bended knee and asked Anne Louise to be his bride! 🙂

Of course the whole balcony of on-lookers broke out in applause! MUCH excitement arose upon their return upstairs. And the holiday festivities climbed to a whole new level as everyone celebrated this wonderful profession of love and commitment between these two!

CONGRATULATIONS to Michael and Anne Louise, and to the entire Barnett & Cotterill families! This is a HAPPY HOLIDAY indeed!!!

Caroline & Matt’s Secret Wedding Proposal

“I am stationed at the Navy Nuclear Power School in Goose Creek. I will be graduating on March 20th, and I plan on proposing to my girlfriend downtown later that afternoon.”

WOW!!! Matt wrote this to me back on February 5th! I think it is SO COOL when guys make such special plans, so far in advance, to capture all the excitement of their marriage proposal. It really takes a special kind of guy to recognize the importance of the occasion, and to want to preserve it for his future fiance to be able to remember it through beautiful photographs!

Matt & I became great pen-pals over the ensueing weeks, as we discussed locations, times, and logistics…finally settling on a great game plan. After graduation, he and his family, along with Caroline, would have lunch downtown at Cru Cafe. He and Caroline would then take a nice stroll down to The Battery while his parents went on a carriage tour. Once they got to White Point Garden, we had a special spot all picked out, where he would take a knee and ask Caroline to be his wife!

I arrived early and got everything staged for their arrival. Entering the park right on cue, everything went down absolutely perfect! Oh, and as if you can’t tell by the photos, Caroline said “YES”!!!  🙂

CONGRATULATIONS Caroline & Matt! In the brief moments we shared together, I could tell you are two souls who are beautifully and wonderfully made PERFECT for each other. We wish for you all the love and happiness that you deserve!!!

Allison says “YES” to Damon on Kiawah Island!

A few days ago I had the great privilege of documenting Damon’s TOP SECRET Proposal to Allison on the beach in front of The Sanctuary on Kiawah Island!  He and his Mom & Dad, along with his girlfriend, Allison, and her beautiful daughter, were all vacationing there for the summer.  Little did Allison know that Damon & his Mom were secretly scheming behind her back.  They had contacted me to be there “incognito” when they arrived on the beach so that I could capture all the momentous occasion.  It was SO AWESOME!  She said YES!  And we had a beautiful photo shoot afterwards.  Congratulations to Allison & Damon!!!