Headshots for South Carolina Federal Credit Union

It’s been my pleasure to work with the SCFCU for many years now. Everyone there is always so nice, and so much fun to work with!  But more importantly, not only are we their photographer, but we’re also their customer.  Cami and I do all our banking, both business and personal, with SC Federal Credit Union.  If you’re looking for a new bank, we HIGHLY recommend them!!!

Yesterday, I had another photo shoot with them to update old head-shots, and photograph new head-shots for new staff members. When I was done with those, we also did a fun new group photo for the marketing team!  We had a blast and came away with some great shots.

Many thanks to Rebekah for all her hard work in coordinating these photo shoots!!!

Portable Head-shot Studio

Today was yet another fun-filled photo shoot at the South Carolina Federal Credit Union! I always enjoy working with this great company.

A photographer friend of mine asked about my setup. So here’s a behind-the-scenes look at my portable wireless head-shot studio, along with a few selects from today:

– Nikon D5 + Nikkor 70-200 f2.8 VRII
– Nikon SB-5000 on camera as Master with RadioPopper PX transmitter
– 2 Nikon SB-800 flashes in Group A with white shoot-through umbrella as main light
– 2 Nikon SB-800 flashes in Group B with white shoot-through umbrella as fill light
– 2 Nikon SB-800 flashes in Group C as background lights for a high-key white background
– Radio Popper PX receivers on each remote flash
– Lenovo Yoga 900 Laptop set up for wired or wireless tethered shooting
– Twist flex photo background
– Manfrotto 055CXPro4 Carbon Fiber tripod
– 5 Manfrotto 1004 BAC Collapsible light-stands
– ThinkTank Airport TakeOff for all photo gear
– Manfrotto large tripod bag for all lighting gear

There are many variations on this theme that one could adapt. For example, I often swap out the umbrellas for Westcott soft-boxes. The number of flashes I use will often vary depending on the background or the subject. But I’ve tried a TON of different options and there are many reasons why these particular items have become a part of my go-to kit when it comes to portability, flexibility, and quality.

SCFCU Commercial Shoot

I love to travel. And I love photographing corporate assignments. So when one of my all-time-favorite corporate clients asked me to travel around the state to photograph images of all their financial centers, I jumped at the opportunity!

To catch the best light at each location, the planning and preparation had to be meticulous! I used a number of photography apps and online resources such as The Photographers Ephemeris to map out the best route so that I hit each center at the optimum time of day for which direction it was facing. I also used a number of weather apps to make sure the dates picked for each shoot would have clear blue skies.

Everything worked out perfect! And the shots came out great! Many thanks to the South Carolina Federal Credit Union for the opportunity. We’re not just their photographer, we’re also a client. If you run your own business and need an AMAZING financial institution to work with, I highly recommend www.scfederal.org!!!

Head-shots for South Carolina Federal Credit Union

POW!!!  I blinded myself doing test shots this morning when I was setting up to photograph head-shots for the South Carolina Federal Credit Union!  OOPS!!!  🙂