Marketing Photos for South Atlantic Bank

This morning I drove to Hilton Head Island, where I set up our wireless portrait studio in the lobby of the South Atlantic Bank. We were shooting marketing material for the new branch down there.

The setup included a 9-ft white seamless Savage Background, 6 SB-800 flashes, 1 SB-5000 flash, 1 Nikkor 70-200 f2.8 VRII, and a Nikon D5. Two SB-800 flashes were placed on either side of the background about 3 feet out to illuminate it and give it that crisp clean high-key look. They were the background lights in Group C. My subjects were positioned about 4 feet from the background. To camera left, about 5 feet in front of them, and several feet off to the side, was a Manfrotto stand holding 2 SB-800 flashes, firing through a 60″ Westcott umbrella. These were the main lights in Group A. Immediately to my right was another stand with 2 SB-800 flashes, also firing through a 60″ Westcott umbrella. These were the fill lights in Group B. Last but not least, the SB-5000 on my camera was controlling all the lights. RadioPoppers were used on each flash to ensure consistent transmission.

We had a great time and came away with a wide variety of fun photos for the marketing team to work with!

South Atlantic Bank Marketing Campaign

I had another FANTASTIC photo shoot with South Atlantic Bank this week. These guys are always so much fun to work with!!!

I set up a complete high-key studio right in the lobby of the bank. Fortunately it was off-peak hours. So we didn’t have too many interruptions. But it was fun to see the look on people’s faces when they did come in…and see the bank manager and a bunch of employees having fun in front of the camera! 🙂

Shots were made with a Nikon D5 with a Nikkor 70-200. Lighting was provided by 6 SB-800 flashes. Background was a Savage Super White seamless paper. Stands and tripods were all Bogen Manfrotto.

Headshots for South Carolina Federal Credit Union

It’s been my pleasure to work with the SCFCU for many years now. Everyone there is always so nice, and so much fun to work with!  But more importantly, not only are we their photographer, but we’re also their customer.  Cami and I do all our banking, both business and personal, with SC Federal Credit Union.  If you’re looking for a new bank, we HIGHLY recommend them!!!

Yesterday, I had another photo shoot with them to update old head-shots, and photograph new head-shots for new staff members. When I was done with those, we also did a fun new group photo for the marketing team!  We had a blast and came away with some great shots.

Many thanks to Rebekah for all her hard work in coordinating these photo shoots!!!

CresCom Bank

Photographing great aerial images with a quad-copter is tough. Photographing great aerial images with a quad-copter AT DUSK is nearly impossible!!!

With calm winds at my back, and clear skies ahead, I was able to keep the stick steady enough for the drone to capture several beautiful images of CresCom’s West Ashley location. The glowing windows and doors are representative of the banks warm customer service attitude and welcoming personality!  So the timing was critical.  And I’m very pleased with how it turned out!

CresCom Bank, a leader in community banking, is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and quality products to the communities it calls home, and prides itself on its strong knowledge of local business and economic trends. Currently, CresCom Bank has 62 branch locations throughout the Carolinas and also owns Crescent Mortgage Company.  You should check them out!

Headshots at First Citizens Bank

We are so blessed to work with some of the nicest, kindest clients on the planet! Yesterday I had the pleasure of catching up with our friends at First Citizens Bank. It was so much fun meeting and photographing corporate head-shots for the new faces on this amazing team of professionals!

South Atlantic Bank Corporate Shoot

Just to prove that our photo shoots don’t hurt a bit…here are a few “outtakes” from a recent corporate assignment for South Atlantic Bank!

Yes we get the job done. Yes we get professional results. Yes we deliver a quality product. Yes we have a fast turn-around time. Yes our customer service is top-notch. But most importantly, YES we know how to have fun!!! 🙂

All images were shot in the bank lobby with our portable wireless photo studio, which included:  Nikon D5, Nikkor 70-200 f2.8, tethered to Lenovo Yoga 900, lit by 6 SB-800 flashes, held by Manfrotto light stands, triggered by an SB-5000 using the RadioPopper Px system, modified with Westcott shoot-through umbrellas, staged on a Savage seamless white backdrop.

We Come to YOU!!!

Photographing professional head-shots and busines portraits is a big part of what we do. You never get a second chance to make a first impression!!!

The good news is, you don’t have to take a lot of time out of your busy schedule to drive across town to find a studio, get your suit all rumpled in the car, hunt for a parking spot, and finally arrive with perspiration dripping off your brow from the August heat, or hair all messed up from a gust of wind in the parking lot. Instead, let us come to you! Would you believe these executive portraits were photographed in their living room?!?

With our amazing wireless portable studio, we can set up in your office, a spare conference room, the lobby, or even your home! Then all you do is step out of your office and into our “studio”. Within minutes you’re back on that conference call, or answering the next email.

We use high-end cameras and high-tech lighting for truly professional results. Plus your images will pop up on our laptop as we shoot so that you can see them immediately after the session. Everyone LOVES the instant gratification of seeing how great they look!!!

Whether you’re a sole proprietor, an entrepreneur, run a small business, or work for a large company…professional images will set you apart from the competition. Give us a call! We can help you make that GREAT first impression for you.

SCFCU Commercial Shoot

I love to travel. And I love photographing corporate assignments. So when one of my all-time-favorite corporate clients asked me to travel around the state to photograph images of all their financial centers, I jumped at the opportunity!

To catch the best light at each location, the planning and preparation had to be meticulous! I used a number of photography apps and online resources such as The Photographers Ephemeris to map out the best route so that I hit each center at the optimum time of day for which direction it was facing. I also used a number of weather apps to make sure the dates picked for each shoot would have clear blue skies.

Everything worked out perfect! And the shots came out great! Many thanks to the South Carolina Federal Credit Union for the opportunity. We’re not just their photographer, we’re also a client. If you run your own business and need an AMAZING financial institution to work with, I highly recommend!!!

Executive Portraits for First Citizens Bank

I love working with people who love their jobs!

This morning I had the privilege of photographing more head-shots for First Citizens Bank. I have to say they are the nicest, kindest, funnest (is that a word?!?) people to work with!!! Everyone is so cheerful with each other and encouraging of one another. We laughed and joked all afternoon.

Many thanks to Katie for all her hard work organizing the shoot and scheduling all the appointments! 🙂