Nester Family on Seabrook Island

For me, the highlight of each summer “beach portrait season” is always the week of July 4th when the beautiful Nester Family visits Seabrook Island for their annual vacation!

Having photographed Suzanna & Jeff’s wedding back in the day, it’s been an absolute honor to capture this family’s portraits each summer since then. Rick & Carol have two amazing children, who have married two wonderful partners, and given them five beautiful grandkids!  I’ve had the pleasure of capturing so many changes in their lives.  And they have embraced Cami and I as an extension of that family!

CONGRATULATIONS to the Nester family for another successful Seabrook Family vacation! It was such an honor to hang out and catch up with you guys again this year!!!

Baby Christening on Seabrook Island

What an amazing treat it was to be a part of April’s Baby Christening at the beach on Seabrook Island!

April looked angelic in her delicate christening gown. Her parents, brother (Oscar the dog), uncle, and both sets of grandparents were all there to bear witness. Father Karl performed a beautiful ceremony in a peaceful setting, surrounded by nature, with the waves gently lapping at the shore behind us.
It truly was a special moment!!!

Many thanks to Julie & Ryan for allowing me to capture this joyous occasion.

Nester Family on Seabrook Island

We had a smaller crowd this year. Some of the Nester clan couldn’t make it. Even though they were missed, we still had a BLAST!!!

I had so much fun catching up with Jeff & Suzanna, who’s beautiful wedding I had the honor of photographing all those years ago. Their kids are growing like weeds and starting to show off their personalities. And in spite of a couple health-hiccups this year, their parents are doing great!

We met up at our usual spot on Seabrook Island. The landscape out there has changed quite a bit from their vacation last year…various storms and tides have shifted the sand and dunes considerably. In spite of the usual summer afternoon thunder-storms, it turned out to be a GORGEOUS evening!  We got some awesome shots!!!

Many thanks to the Nesters for all the years of fond memories together! We love you guys!!!

Long Family on Seabrook Island

I’m so glad Susan contacted me about photographing their family portraits on Seabrook Island this year! Their son will was an absolute dream. We hit it off from the start, and had a blast playing games together. The entire family was so much fun, even running, splashing, and sitting in the water right along with little Will!!! I loved our time together, capturing some beautiful family memories throughout the evening. 🙂

Nester Family on Seabrook Island

The Nester family is one of my all-time-favorites!!!

I look forward to their family reunion on Seabrook Island every year! This is partly because I know what fond memories those cousins are forming during their time together. But it’s also because I get to go out and play with these six adorable kids!

Earlier this week we had another wonderful session together. It was great catching up with Suzanna & Jeff, who’s gorgeous wedding I had the pleasure of photographing oh so many years ago (age withheld to protect the innocent). I always enjoy discovering what new and exciting things Meghan & Tyler are up to. Hearing about Rick & Carol’s travels and adventures is always fun too.

But the best part is just goofing off and hanging out with those delightful grandchildren!!!  🙂

Rhone Family on Seabrook Island

One of the BEST parts of my job is meeting new, fun, and interesting people!

I had a serendipitous opportunity to photograph the Rhone family on a beautiful Seabrook Island beach this morning.  I say “serendipitous” because I originally had another assignment booked for today…which got rescheduled at the last minute. Later I get a call from Kim, hoping I might have an opening to squeeze in a family beach shoot this week. Today was my ONLY available opening. But their daughter wasn’t scheduled to fly in until late last night…and the forecast called for 70% chance of rain.

We decided to go for it!  And the stars aligned for us to have a WONDERFUL family photo shoot this morning!!! In spite of very little sleep (Maddie’s flight got delayed), we arrived to clear skies and cooler temperatures as the rain passed through overnight.  We all had a BLAST!!!  It was an honor and a pleasure to capture these fun memories for my new-found friends.  🙂

11 Years with the Nester Family

WOW!!! I can’t believe I’ve been photographing the Nester Family every summer since Jeff & Suzanna’s wedding 11 years ago! They are such an adorable family. And they always make me feel like one of their own. I love these guys!!!  🙂

Here are a few favorites from our family beach shoot on Seabrook Island a few days ago…