Whitney Family on Seabrook Island

What a joy it was to hang out with Kristin, Rich, and their adorable kids last evening. It was unseasonably mild for this time of year. So we enjoyed being outside at their rental house and on the golf course…laughing, joking, and making beautiful images for them to remember this special time together! 🙂 Many thanks to my friend, Mic, for referring the Whitney Family to me. It was an absolute pleasure getting to know them!!!

The Seabrook Island Club

We’ve had a string of unbelievably beautiful days this last week. The weather was absolutely perfect for my shoot at the Seabrook Island Club yesterday!

I was there to photograph the newly renovated facility for Trident Construction. Founded right here in Charleston back in 1981, Trident Construction provides construction services in South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Florida and Alabama. Their incredible team has repeatedly earned the trust of their clients, subcontractors and design professionals by working collaboratively and diligently on every project they tackle! Check them out at www.tridentconstruction.com.

Many thanks to Elizabeth & Bo for all their hard work scheduling and coordinating this shoot!

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Nester Family on Seabrook Island

We had a smaller crowd this year. Some of the Nester clan couldn’t make it. Even though they were missed, we still had a BLAST!!!

I had so much fun catching up with Jeff & Suzanna, who’s beautiful wedding I had the honor of photographing all those years ago. Their kids are growing like weeds and starting to show off their personalities. And in spite of a couple health-hiccups this year, their parents are doing great!

We met up at our usual spot on Seabrook Island. The landscape out there has changed quite a bit from their vacation last year…various storms and tides have shifted the sand and dunes considerably. In spite of the usual summer afternoon thunder-storms, it turned out to be a GORGEOUS evening!  We got some awesome shots!!!

Many thanks to the Nesters for all the years of fond memories together! We love you guys!!!