Headshots for Elliott Davis

The pandemic put a halt to “on-location” shoots for a lot of my clients. Many firms like had employees sheltering and working from home. Plus visits from outside vendors like us were put on hold. But as folks get vaccinated and things open back up, business is slowly returning to normal!

It was so great to be back at Elliott Davis yesterday and to see their employees back in the office! Last time I was there, the place was a ghost town with only essential workers coming in. It was nice to hear the “buzz” of happy interactions and fun laughter echoing down the halls as I updated headshots for a number of new employees that have joined since things went on lockdown.

All images shot with Nikon D5 with Nikkor 70-200 f2.8 tethered to Adobe Lightroom on a Lenovo laptop. Supports and tripod provided by Manfrotto. Lighting created by 4 SB-5000 flashes bouncing through 2 Westcott shoot-through umbrellas. ISO 400, f5.0, 1/250s.
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Headshots in a Breakroom

This morning I had the pleasure of photographing headshots in a breakroom.

No, seriously, it was awesome!!! I’ve been photographing headshots for Elliott Davis for a number of years now. And I normally get stuck in a tiny office down a dark hallway. But with Covid causing most of the staff to work from home, the building was eerily empty. So I got to set up in their big, bright, beautiful breakroom instead! 🙂

1 Nikon D5 with 70-200 f2.8 lens
4 SB-5000 speedlights
2 Manfrotto light stands
1 Manfrotto carbon fiber tripod
2 Westcott 60″ umbrellas
1 Lenovo Yoga 940

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High-Key Headshots for Bridge Commercial

A few days ago I had the privilege of meeting Alex. Alex is the newest member of the amazing team of commercial real-estate agents at Bridge Commercial. He moved to Charleston a couple months ago from his home in Florida. He’s excited to be joining one of the most respected firms in Charleston, and start this new chapter in his life!

Setting up in the lobby, I set up a white backdrop and created a high-key look by lighting the fabric with a single Nikon SB-5000 flash. I then created a nice soft main light by firing 2 SB-5000 flashes into a large 60″ Westcott shoot-through umbrella just out of frame on camera left. And I added a little fill light by firing another SB-5000 flash through a second 60″ umbrella just to the right of the camera. All stands and tripods were by Manfrotto. I selected the Nikon D5 and Nikkor 70-200 f2.8 VRII to shoot with. The camera was tethered to a Lenovo Yoga laptop for instant previews so that Alex could pick out his favorite.

It was a pleasure meeting and photographing Alex. I look forward to seeing great things from this young man!

Holmes Family at The Timbers on Kiawah Island

We couldn’t have asked for a prettier day, or a more amazing family to work with!  A few days ago, Cami and I met up with the Holmes family at The Timbers on Kiawah Island. It was a perfect, sunny, 67-degree day, with no wind, and no bugs. How could it get any better? Well, if you throw in a beautiful couple from Ohio, their wonderful parents from Florida, and three absolutely ADORABLE kids…that’s how! 🙂

Julia’s Bridal Portraits

Julia & Woods tied the knot yesterday. That means that I can FINALLY share a few favorites from Julia’s gorgeous bridal session!!! 🙂

Several months ago, Julia, her sister, her mom, and her grandmother all met up with me at Middleton Place, where we had received approval to photograph her bridal shoot. It was a beautiful summer evening. And Julia was absolutely STUNNING!!!  We had so much fun exploring the picturesque grounds, and photographing a variety of portraits for Julia in her elegant wedding gown.  Many thanks to the amazing staff at Middleton Place for allowing us this privilege.

Congratulations Julia & Woods! Rachel…you are next!!!  😉

Girl’s Weekend on Kiawah Island

One of the best parts of my job is meeting new, interesting, and FUN people!!!

This weekend, I had such a great time photographing this wonderful group of life-long friends, who all get together one weekend every year to catch up on each other’s lives, build new memories, and invest in the beautiful relationships they build over the years. For this year’s theme, they each decided to dress up as a different “month” of the year. Then everyone changed and we did a few patriotic themes. Last but not least, everyone just jumped in the pool for something really fun!

I love it when grown-ups choose to remember the value of being a kid at heart again! 🙂

Allman Joy on Kiawah Island

I had so much fun with the Allman/Musser family during their photo shoot on Kiawah Island last night!  (The two sisters coined the “Allman Joy” thing, which I thought was too cute not to use.)

Part of the reason for the trip was because the grandparents were celebrating their Anniversary. CONGRATULATIONS Brian & Kathy!  You have the most adorable grand-kids in the world!!!  Thanks for letting me be a part of this special time in your lives.  🙂

Alex’s New Headshot

Alex used to work in TV. But her life has taken a different path! She is the newest attorney to join the incredible team at the Clawson & Staubes Law Firm. It was a pleasure meeting Alex and photographing her new headshots. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

The Big Island of Hawai’i

I finally had a chance to finish editing the rest of my photos from The Big Island of Hawai’i. It’s an absolutely beautiful paradise. I was there on a wonderful assignment the first week, staying several extra days to explore on my own. It was a magical experience for me…a “Bucket List” trip for sure! I hope I was able to do it justice. ENJOY!!!

MacNaught Family on Kiawah Island

It was one of the most beautiful days we’ve had this summer!

Instead of being overcast and gray, as so many afternoons have been lately, the sun was bouncing off beautiful cloud formations in the sky. Yet it was surprisingly cool compared to previous weeks  A gentle breeze was sweeping in off the ocean as the waves lapped the shore.

I met up with the MacNaught Family at their rental house just off the beach. Their three adorable children were excited for our shoot and ready to go! From the first family shots on the boardwalk as we made our way to the beach, to the candids of them playing in the sand as the sun slipped away…the entire session was so much fun!!!

Here are a few favorites from the evening…

New Attorney at Clawson & Staubes

Today found me capturing headshots for this amazing young lady on Daniel Island in the warm glow of mid-day light!!!

Alicia is the newest attorney to join the team of Clawson & Staubes. Alicia, her husband, and their adorable 7-month old daughter moved to Charleston last month. So far they love it here! 🙂

The image was captured on a Nikon D5 with the incredible Nikkor 70-200 f2.8 lens. A Manfrotto 055CXPro4 served as support for the camera. And a Manfrotto 367B light stand held an SB-5000 Speedlight, firing through a 24″ Lastolite EZY Box. This off-camera flash setup served as a directional main light, as well as providing a nice catch light. The open shade of the picturesque location I had chosen for the shoot served as a nice ambient fill light.

Welcome to an awesome team, Alicia!!!