Rhone Family on Seabrook Island

One of the BEST parts of my job is meeting new, fun, and interesting people!

I had a serendipitous opportunity to photograph the Rhone family on a beautiful Seabrook Island beach this morning.  I say “serendipitous” because I originally had another assignment booked for today…which got rescheduled at the last minute. Later I get a call from Kim, hoping I might have an opening to squeeze in a family beach shoot this week. Today was my ONLY available opening. But their daughter wasn’t scheduled to fly in until late last night…and the forecast called for 70% chance of rain.

We decided to go for it!  And the stars aligned for us to have a WONDERFUL family photo shoot this morning!!! In spite of very little sleep (Maddie’s flight got delayed), we arrived to clear skies and cooler temperatures as the rain passed through overnight.  We all had a BLAST!!!  It was an honor and a pleasure to capture these fun memories for my new-found friends.  🙂

Medina Family on Isle of Palms

Earlier this week I had the honor of photographing Frank’s Surprise Proposal to his beautiful, kind, and wonderful girlfriend, Lizzy:  https://chrisandcami.com/lizzie-franks-secret-proposal/. What could top that, right?!?

Well, yesterday I got to meet the rest of their AMAZING family for a fabulous beach photo session on Isle of Palms. We had such a great time together!!! The most incredible part of the shoot was at the very end when the most SPECTACULAR anti-crepuscular rays turned the sky into a dramatic Hollywood movie set!

Since the radiant skies showed up after Frank and Lizzy stayed a little extra with me to photograph a few more engagement photos, I told them it was a sign that their marriage was meant to be! What do you all think? 🙂

11 Years with the Nester Family

WOW!!! I can’t believe I’ve been photographing the Nester Family every summer since Jeff & Suzanna’s wedding 11 years ago! They are such an adorable family. And they always make me feel like one of their own. I love these guys!!!  🙂

Here are a few favorites from our family beach shoot on Seabrook Island a few days ago…

Muro Family on Isle of Palms

YAY!!! Another great summer beach session with one of my all-time-favorite families! 🙂