Engineering Projects for Seamon Whiteside

The amazing engineering projects by Seamon Whiteside are some of my FAVORITE things to shoot!!! Whether it’s an entire residential neighborhood, a large multi-function building, a spacious park, or a new hotel, their teams always come up with some of the coolest designs!

The best part is, they give me full creative license to shoot and showcase the most interesting parts! This week I had the pleasure of photographing Liberty Place, The Porter, and the not-yet-completed Morrison Yard. All images were captured with DJI Mavic 2 Pro, the Nikon Z9, the 14-30S, and the 24-120S.

Many thanks to Anne for all her hard work coordinating these assignments with all of property management group!

Seamon Whiteside Marketing Photos

I had another fun photoshoot with Seamon Whiteside yesterday! We captured several headshots for some new team members, and also created a number of “collaboration” style marketing photos for their website.

It was a beautiful morning in their courtyard.  And the Nikon Z9 was the perfect tool for the job! Although I brought some off-camera lighting, I didn’t need it. The dynamic range of that camera’s sensor is amazing!!!

Headshots for Sheally Insurance

Sheally Insurance is EXPANDING!!!

I had the pleasure of photographing headshots and marketing photos for the company’s new location in Summerville today. Kaitlin was a pleasure to work with, and a natural in front of the camera!  Many thanks to Allison for organizing everything and for her helpful creative input.

(All images captured with Nikon D5, Nikkor 70-200 f2.8, Sony XQD cards, Flashpoint LiOn II speedlights, Westcott modifiers, and Manfrotto supports)

I’On Neighborhood for Seamon Whiteside

This morning I had the pleasure of photographing some scenic images of the I’On Neighborhood in Mt. Pleasant for one of my engineering clients, Seamon Whiteside.

I was excited about this project, not only because I’m familiar with the area and know how picturesque it is, but also because I was working with the new Nikon Z9 and the brand new DJI Mavic 3 Mini! I’ve had the Z9 for several months. So I knew it would produce stellar results. But after heavy testing, this was my first “official” project with DJI’s most recently released drone. And it did not disappoint!!!

At 1/2 the size and nearly 1/3 the weight, the Mini 3 Pro yields the same high-quality images I’ve come to expect from my Mavic 2 Pro. It’s absolutely ASTOUNDING how far drones have come!

Fulcrum Staffing

“Helping you hire the best talent so you can get the most leverage possible for your business.” –
Founded in 2008 by Charleston native, and Clemson graduate, Jamiel Kadri, Fulcrum Staffing specializes in accounting and finance recruiting. The firm has built it’s reputation on a foundation of professionalism, honesty, and integrity.
It was a pleasure working with Jamiel and his awesome team to capture some new headshots and marketing photos. Many thanks to Sarah for helping coordinate everyone’s schedules, and to Kim for the kind referral!

Civil Engineering by Seamon Whiteside

Seamon Whiteside is one of my favorite clients! They specialize in Civil Engineering and Landscape Architecture…making commercial and living spaces functional, ergonomic, and safe.

Here are a few photos from 3 projects I photographed for SW this week. All images were captured with DJI Mavic 2 Pro, Nikkor Z9, Nikkor 14-30 S, and Nikkor 24-120 S.

Early Morning Headshots for East Cooper Medical Center

After a wet and dreary couple days, it sure was great to have beautiful early morning sunlight for my photo session this Friday!

Tenet Physician Resources coordinated with me to set up at the Dodds Durst House to photograph a new team member for the East Cooper Medical Center. Rachel was a lot of fun to work with! She’s from Tennessee and joins the team as a nurse practitioner. She loves the doctor she’s working for.  And the staff has made her feel right at home.

Using the warm early morning rays as a hair light, I augmented the natural sunlight with 4 speedlights. I attached a CTO gel on one Flashpoint, and placed it behind Rachel as a rim light to help even out the sun. The other three were mounted inside a Neewer octobox and placed on the opposite side from the sun to act as fill light and create a nice catch-light in the eyes. All images were shot on the new Nikon Z9 with 70-200 f2.8 VRII lens (using the FTZII adapter). Camera and lighting supports were provided by Manfrotto.  ISO 250, f4.0, 1/160 sec.

CONGRATULATIONS to Rachel on joining a fantastic team!!!

Headshots for Seamon Whiteside

There’s a little courtyard, between the two main buildings where Seamon Whiteside has their office. Many of the employees use this peaceful, beautifully landscaped area for their coffee or lunch break. I use it to photograph their company headshots!

The light this morning in that courtyard was absolutely GORGEOUS!!! It was soft, yet directional at the same time, with a nice warm glow. It was such a pleasure to work with as I captured all the fun personalities and friendly new faces of this wonderful team.

Many thanks to Lia for organizing everyone. And CONGRATULATIONS to all the new hires!!!

Sheally Insurance – Marketing Photos

Sheally Insurance is all about finding the right coverage for the best rate possible:

I recently became their new photographer and have really enjoyed getting to know this company and the fantastic team that works there! A couple days ago I had the opportunity to photograph Patrick. No newcomer to the industry, Patrick actually owned the previous agency that worked out of this office. But after retiring, he found he still had things he wanted to accomplish. So he joined the Sheally team on a part-time basis. His experience and expertise will be a welcome addition to this excellent team!!!

Many thanks to Elizabeth for helping orchestrate and provide creative direction for the photo shoot!

Headshots at The Center for Birds of Prey

I always love shooting at The Center for Birds of Prey. Except that 99% of the time, I’m shooting BIRDS!!! 🙂

This week I had the distinct pleasure of photographing the dedicated staff that tirelessly works behind the scenes to treat injured birds, rehab or feathered friends back to health, and educate us humans (young and old) about the power of nature and how birds are such an important indicator species for our planet. It was so much fun working with this team of amazing humans!!!

Nikon Z6II, FTZ 2 Adapter, 70-200 f2.8 VRII, Flashpoint Group A in 24″ Softbox as main light, Flashpoint Group B with amber gel as hairlight, Manfrotto supports, Sony XQD cards, 1/200 sec, f4, ISO 160.

Marketing Photos for Truist Wealth

As a small business owner, word-of-mouth referrals from friends and colleagues is the HIGHEST compliment we receive! I’d like to say a huge Thank You to my friend Andy Stroer for recommending us to the awesome team at Truist Wealth Management!!!

Wealth accumulates. Goals shift. New needs arise. And your financial solutions should evolve accordingly. Early on, your planning needs may be simple. But as your assets, family, and passions grow, more complexities emerge. As your wealth grows, considerations like tax planning, philanthropy, and family legacy may begin to take center stage. This is where the advisors at Truist Wealth Management can help. Check them out at!

We started the session at their office in Mt. Pleasant, where I set up my portable studio in their lobby. All images were shot with Nikon D5, Nikkor 70-200 f2.8, Godox flashes, Westcott umbrellas, Manfrotto supports, and a Savage background. I was shooting tethered to a Lenovo Yoga laptop, allowing everyone to review their headshots and make sure they were happy with them!

Next we headed over to an overlook on the Cooper River that gave us a great view of the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge in the background. This is such an iconic landmark, and worked out great for some environmental portraits of one of the teams within the wealth management group. These images were captured on a Nikon Z6II with a Nikkor S 24-70 and Godox flashes.

The sun was JUST starting to touch the horizon as a finished packing up. So I couldn’t help getting the Mavic 2 Pro out for a couple shots of the bridge after everyone had left!!! 🙂

Headshots for Seamon Whiteside

I love working with the awesome team at Seamon Whiteside!

We’ve gone through a variety of different “looks” for their company headshots over the years. But I really like the casual environmental style portraits they’ve been requesting for their most recent branding. They are a great team and everyone is always so fun and friendly to work with!

Many thanks to Lia and Anne for coordinating everything. 🙂