Jacqueline’s Portraits for Carolina One Real Estate

It was a pleasure meeting and photographing Jacqueline for her new position at Carolina One Real Estate! She and her husband are originally from Puerto Rico. They have 4 adorable kids. And she loves her new tattoo. Please help me welcome her to the team!!!

The Fox Family Team

I’ve known Kari & Chris for a while but hadn’t seen them in a few years. As luck would have it, we recently bumped into each other in Costco of all places. 🙂 We got to talking and it turns out their real-estate team was looking to update their photos!

We scheduled a photo shoot for the entire Carolina One Plus Fox Family Team on a morning when they had a company meeting. I did a few “environmental” shots in Michael’s beautiful home where they had all gathered. And I also set up a complete studio with a white backdrop in their large game room. We had a BLAST and came away with some awesome images!!!

Many thanks to Kari for setting everything up and allowing me to be a part of their new marketing strategy for 2021.

High-Key Head-shots

This morning I had another fantastic session with one of my favorite companies to work for, Colliers International!

I always set up my portable wireless studio in their office. This makes it so convenient for them. Instead of wasting their time fighting traffic, driving to a studio, finding parking, doing their shoot, than driving all the way back…each person just slips out of their office for a few minutes, does their shoot, picks out their favorites on the laptop, and they’re done! Plus, it’s always so fun for me to hang out with their awesome office staff, enjoy the camaraderie, and catch up on their lives!

Here are a few of my favorites from today.  If you or someone you know is looking for new head-shots, executive portraits, or staff photos, please let us know. We’d be delighted to help!!!