Breanna & Logan’s Surprise Proposal on Middle Atlantic Wharf

For over two months now, Logan and I have been secretly planning his surprise proposal to his sweetheart, Breanna!

These two beautiful souls started dating when they were just 15 years old. And when you find your soulmate, you hold onto them, right?!? That’s why Logan decided it was time to ask Breanna to spend the rest of her life with him!

After fretting about the weather all week with Hurricane Michael bearing down on us, the big day finally arrived. And WOW, did we end up with a gorgeous day after all!!! I arrived at our planned location early and hid myself out of sight. Right on cue, Logan expertly guided Breanna to the exact spot, dropped to bended knee, and asked for her hand in marriage. In my dark hiding place, I had to fight back the tears so that I could stay focused on capturing the big event!

In life, we are each given a handful of rare moments that take our breath away and fill our hearts with pure joy. This was one of those moments for me.

CONGRATULATIONS Breanna & Logan! We wish you all the best as you begin your new journey together!!!

Sarah & Oliver’s Pitt Street Pier Secret Proposal

Sarah lived in Charleston for a while, during which time Pitt Street Pier was one of her favorite spots in town. When her family decided to come down here to celebrate her mom’s 60th birthday this weekend, Oliver thought this picturesque pier would be the PERFECT place to propose to Sarah!!! 🙂

We lucked out with an empty pier because the tide was high and all the usual fishermen were further down the Ocean Walk, lined up in Pickett Park. The winds weren’t too high. The sky was clear. The late afternoon light was beautiful. And we even had gorgeous full moon rising in the east as the sun set in the west! Everything worked out absolutely perfect for Oliver’s Surprise Proposal!

Many thanks to my friends at Valerie & Co for the kind referral. And CONGRATULATIONS to Oliver & Sarah!!!

Austin Asked, Courtney SAID YES!!!

This morning was a magical start to my day! Not only was it a crisp, fresh, glorious spring day, but I got to do one of my absolute FAVORITE things in the whole wide world…photograph two young people giving their hearts to each other!!!

Austin and I have been secretly planning behind Courtney’s back for months. We were making plans for his Secret Wedding Proposal to Courtney, his girlfriend of 2 years. Courtney is a bit of a history buff. And Austin wanted a majestic Avenue of Oaks. The majestic and historical Charlestowne Landing turned out to be the ABSOLUTELY PERFECT location!!!

After Courtney had caught her breath from all the excitement, we had a wonderful time exploring the grounds as we photographed their authentic Engagement Session. Courtney and Austin were so much fun to work with! I just loved how they melted into each other’s arms and couldn’t stop kissing. 😉  You just couldn’t imagine a sweeter couple!

CONGRATULATIONS Courtney & Austin! We wish you all the happiness in the world as you embark on this new journey together!!!

Dr. Giep Proposes to Michelle at Anson’s Restaurant

It’s hard to imagine two people more in love than Michelle & Dr. Giep!

I had the distinct honor of secretly photographing their wedding proposal at the renowned Anson Restaurant in historic downtown Charleston this evening.  They were the sweetest, kindest, most adorable couple you could ever imagine!!!  What a privilege it was to capture this special moment in their lives!

CONGRATULATIONS to Michelle & Dr. Giep! We wish you all the happiness in the world as you begin this new journey together…

Lacey & Paul’s Secret Proposal

Paul is the epitome of a true gentleman!

Evidence of that is the care and attention to detail he put into a beautiful weekend for his future bride. I was honored to be a part of his plans to propose to the adorable Lacey! We emailed ideas back and forth, figured out the perfect timing, and talked on the phone to fine tune each and every step.

This past weekend, Paul led Lacey into a private courtyard at the historic Mills House in downtown Charleston. With all the staff “in” on the secret, everything went off without a hitch…even when Lacey almost derailed it by asking one of the bell hops to take a selfie with her phone. 😉  Somehow, Paul got things back on track and in a touching moment, asked Lacey to be his wife!!! Celebrating with champagne, a private serenade, and a candlelight dinner, I left the two love birds to enjoy their evening.

The following morning we met up for a fantastic walk-about through our picturesque city streets. Lacey took over the engagement session with her gorgeous smile, bubbly personality, and creative eye. Paul was proud as could be, and happily put up with all our crazy ideas and fun poses!  To see the rest of their photos, head over to

Many thanks to my good friend and amazing photographer, Roxy, for the kind referral.  CONGRATULATIONS Paul & Lacey! It was such a pleasure being a part of this special day for you both!!!

Alyson & Dana’s Secret Proposal

My heart is full!!!

Being a part of Dana’s Secret Proposal to Alyson yesterday at Middleton Place was a real honor. They truly are a very special couple! If ever there was a match made in heaven, THIS is it!!! 🙂  I had so much fun secretly planning all the details with Dana.  And I couldn’t be happier for the two of them!

CONGRATULATIONS Dana & Alyson! May God bless you as you begin this beautiful new journey together…

Chase & Courtney’s Carriage Ride Proposal

Valentine’s Day is special to a lot of couples. But this year, it was EXTRA special to Chase & Courtney!!!

A few weeks ago, Chase contacted us to let us know his intentions to propose to his girlfriend. Although they are from North Carolina, Courtney LOVEs the history and charm of Charleston! So Chase thought it would be extra special to bring her down for the weekend, and propose on a carriage tour. He arranged for me to be on the same tour, and I brought Cami so that we could pretend to be just another “tourist” couple in town.

Courtney had absolutely NO clue, and everything went as smoothly and perfectly as could be! It was so much fun being a part of their special day. CONGRATULATIONS Chase & Courtney!!!