Lauman Family on Kiawah Island

Photographing Jen & Bobby’s beautiful wedding 10 years ago was the highlight of my year! I absolutely fell in love with these two. They were even featured in a magazine:!!!

Fast forward to yesterday, and the same emotions flooded back as I had the joy of photographing their beautiful growing family. With two adorable boys, and joined by excited grandparents, we all met up at the picturesque Ocean Park on Kiawah Island.

I had so much fun catching up with their busy lives. What an honor it is to still be a part of their lives after all these years!

Gaydosz Family on Kiawah Island

I’ve been photographing the warm and loving Gaydosz Family for many years now. Many thanks to Maria for organizing these fun shoots!
Each year the family grows and expand. It’s so much fun watching the children as their personalities develop and they truly come into their own! This year we missed big brother Steve and his family, with a prior commitment. But I look forward to seeing them ALL back together again next year for more fun times!!! 🙂

Gilligan Family on Kiawah Island

Summer is a time for vacations, for flip-flops, for families, for fun, for sunshine, and of course…beaches. I had the pleasure of combining ALL these elements a few days ago with the wonderful Gilligan Family!!!

We scheduled their family beach portrait session on Kiawah Island to coincide with the cooler temperatures, less crowded beaches, gentle breezes, and of course that beautiful soft evening light of “golden hour”.  It was so much fun hanging out with this crazy crew! Since I have three brothers of my own, I felt right at home with the friendly ribbing Ryan and Kevin were dishing out.  🙂  Plus, Emilee and Reagan were absolutely ADORABLE!!!

Many thanks to Debbie for organizing everything, and allowing me to feel like part of their family for an evening…

Surprise Sunrise Proposal on Kiawah Island

Just before I left for Romania I got a call from Corbin, who was secretly planning to propose to his girlfriend.  They are from Augusta, but were moving to Charleston that weekend.  He’d already convinced her that they should make their first morning in town a special one by watching the sunrise together and going to breakfast afterwards.  He even bought her a special beach dress to wear and made arrangements with The Sanctuary on Kiawah Island.  He’d seen my pictures of  Allison & Damon’s Proposal ( and really wanted me to be there to capture theirs. 

Well, 5:00 A.M. came awfully early as I dragged myself out of bed to drive out to Kiawah.  But to experience such a beautiful moment between two people in love, within the stillness and calm of a deserted beach before dawn, and accentuated with the glorious rising of the sun…well, I have chills just writing about it.  Needless to say, the comfort of my bed didn’t hold a stick to the gravity of such a moment!  I felt truly blessed to be there.

After shooting his proposal incognito, Corbin brought Sarah over to meet me.  We laughed and I shared some of the pictures from the back of the camera with them.  Then as the sun rose into place, I shot a few “true” Engagement Portraits for them.  We had such a great time together.  Corbin & Sarah were so much fun to work with…even letting me talk them into getting a little wet.  J  CONGRATULATIONS to you both!

Allison says “YES” to Damon on Kiawah Island!

A few days ago I had the great privilege of documenting Damon’s TOP SECRET Proposal to Allison on the beach in front of The Sanctuary on Kiawah Island!  He and his Mom & Dad, along with his girlfriend, Allison, and her beautiful daughter, were all vacationing there for the summer.  Little did Allison know that Damon & his Mom were secretly scheming behind her back.  They had contacted me to be there “incognito” when they arrived on the beach so that I could capture all the momentous occasion.  It was SO AWESOME!  She said YES!  And we had a beautiful photo shoot afterwards.  Congratulations to Allison & Damon!!!