Jessica & Tevin’s Folly Beach Engagement Shoot

I met Jessica & Tevin at the beautiful cove by the historic Morris Island Lighthouse on Folly Beach the other to photograph their Engagement Session.  It was looking a little dicy with the weather.  But between my enthusiasm and their energy, we decided to go for it!  About half way out I bumped into my good friends and fellow photographers, Jennifer Bearden, and Tammy & Kevin Bevins, both heading back in from their family sessions.  Jennifer even gave me a hard time about the plastic ziploc baggies I had covered my remote flashes with in case they got wet!  But I knew that days like these often yield magical bursts of dramatic light before the sun bids fairwell for the night.  WOW did we get one of those bursts!!!  ABSOLUTELY awesome skies for an absolutely wonderful couple.  In fact we had so much fun towards the end that I can’t even show you some of the steamier shots from the end of the shoot…J

Mollie & Vincent’s Wadmallaw Island E-Session

A couple days ago I met with Mollie & Vincent, who were in town on break from Furman University, to see if we’d be the right fit for them to photograph their wedding.  Not only are they the coolest couple on the planet, but we hit it off so well that they decided they wanted me to go shoot their Engagement Portraits right away!  So we zipped over to Mollie’s parent’s house, where they got changed.  The property is this beautiful red barn-style house on the marsh way out on Wadmallaw Island.  With the sun setting and sifting through the trees, the creek running through the marsh, the boardwalk, and that peaceful night sky…I was in heaven.  We got some AMAZING photos and had a blast traipsing all around her parent’s property.  We probably didn’t even get to HALF of it!  But Mollie could tell I was loving the place, discovering all kinds of neat spots to shoot in.  So she said she might let me do her Bridal Portraits out there too…WOOHOO!  J  I’m SO EXCITED for Mollie & Vincent!  I hope you guys have fun back at Furman…and we’ll see you guys next time you’re in town!!!


Surprise Sunrise Proposal on Kiawah Island

Just before I left for Romania I got a call from Corbin, who was secretly planning to propose to his girlfriend.  They are from Augusta, but were moving to Charleston that weekend.  He’d already convinced her that they should make their first morning in town a special one by watching the sunrise together and going to breakfast afterwards.  He even bought her a special beach dress to wear and made arrangements with The Sanctuary on Kiawah Island.  He’d seen my pictures of  Allison & Damon’s Proposal ( and really wanted me to be there to capture theirs. 

Well, 5:00 A.M. came awfully early as I dragged myself out of bed to drive out to Kiawah.  But to experience such a beautiful moment between two people in love, within the stillness and calm of a deserted beach before dawn, and accentuated with the glorious rising of the sun…well, I have chills just writing about it.  Needless to say, the comfort of my bed didn’t hold a stick to the gravity of such a moment!  I felt truly blessed to be there.

After shooting his proposal incognito, Corbin brought Sarah over to meet me.  We laughed and I shared some of the pictures from the back of the camera with them.  Then as the sun rose into place, I shot a few “true” Engagement Portraits for them.  We had such a great time together.  Corbin & Sarah were so much fun to work with…even letting me talk them into getting a little wet.  J  CONGRATULATIONS to you both!

Heather & Marcus in Fernandina Beach

Last week Cami & I had a really cool eSession with Heather & Marcus in Fernandina Beach, FL!!!  They are such a great couple…young, gorgeous, and full of energy!  They’ve been dating a couple years now and last September Marcus popped “The Question”.  J  They are from the Jacksonville area and selected Fernandina Beach as the backdrop for their portraits.  It’s such a cute little historic town with lots of texture and ambiance, plus a great view of the sunset!  Here are a few of my favorites…

Nathan Bell invades my Secret Shooting Spot!

Yesterday evening I was “on walkabout” doing an Engagement photo shoot with one of my favorite couples EVER!  We were just walking along, having a blast, and getting some cool shots…when suddenly on the other side of an old brick wall I could hear a camera clicking away.  I peeked around the corner and who should I see by my good friend and fellow photographer, Nathan Bell of Richard Bell Photography!  Nathan’s a great guy with a wonderful sense of humor…so we both immediately went into mock horror mode…like “hey man, what are YOU doing in MY shooting space?!?”  Then we busted out laughing and introduced our couple to each other, and chit chatted for a few minutes before carrying on our separate ways.  But before Nathan could get out of sight, I enticed his couple into this zany pose with him.  It’s always fun bumping into friends while out shooting.  J 

Kim & Michael’s Downtown/Folly Beach Shoot

Kim & Michael are a sweet, gentle, amazing couple from Aiken.  For their Engagement Shoot, we did a double-whammy.  As I was driving downtown to meet them for the first part of their shoot, the wind was blowing and the sky looked dark and foreboding.  I was concerned, but soldiered on.  When we met up, I found out they were concerned about the weather too.  But we decided to be adventurous and go for it.  We were rewarded a few minutes later with beautiful light.  By the time we got to Folly Beach for the second session, the sky had turned into this AMAZING backdrop.  WOW!!!  I love how the images turned out.  Many thanks to Kim & Michael for being so much fun to work with and being willing to brave the elements to humor this passionate old chaser of DRAMATIC LIGHT!  J

Tara & Will’s eSession

I had an AWESOME Engagement Shoot with Tara & Will the other day. Will drove all the way down from Charlotte to make this thing happen. YOU ROCK, Will! It was one of those days that less “adventurous” couples would have called off due to weather…kind of overcast with pockets of rain throughout the day. But Tara & Will were all hyped up to create some unique and dramatic images. I get excited when clients are willing to push the envelope a little bit! Everything just clicked and the three of us knocked this one out of the park! 🙂

MaryBeth & Brad

MaryBeth called me a couple weeks ago from Kentucky. She is the SWEETEST little Southern Lady you could ever meet! Her and Brad were coming down to Charleston to visit family and had seen some of our work. Since they were recently engaged, she wanted to do their e-Session with me while they were down here. They wanted ther Engagement Portraits to be TOTALLY different from all their friend’s portraits. Since Kentucky isn’t a coastal state…what better place than a beach session, right!?! 🙂