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Maniesha & Travis Part 3: Folly Beach Rock-the-Dress Shoot

For the grand finale of Maniesha & Travis’ amazing Charleston wedding celebration, we met up at Folly Beach for an incredible Trash-the-Dress session!

Actually, we prefer the term Rock-the-Dress. Some even call it Rock-the-Frock.  Regardless of what you call it, I love the romantic notion behind this concept. When a bride elects to do a TTD session, essentially she’s saying “I have found the one true love of my life, and will never need this dress again!!!” Isn’t that sweet?!?  Of course most brides get it cleaned and sell it, or get it preserved in a shadowbox. But the best part is, they have all these AMAZING, creative, artistic, and unique images to hang in their home or preserve in their album to commemorate this special day when they said “I do”.

CONGRATULATIONS again to Maniesha & Travis! You are two very special people. Your son Dallas is lucky to have you. And I consider myself lucky to have met you!!!

P.S.  As soon as we finished shooting and got out of the water, a pod of dolphins came RIGHT UP to us…as if to investigate this strange shimmering gown that was so elegantly swaying in the waved!!!  How cool is that?!?  🙂