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Abby’s Model Portfolio

The daughter of a friend of ours, Abby was in town to model for Charleston Fashion Week. During some down time, we photographed a portfolio session for her at the old abandoned Naval Hospital.  It also gave me a chance to really test the limits of the astounding new Nikon D850!

The Charleston Naval Hospital Historic District is nationally significant as an example of the United States effort to mobilize medical support for the Navy during World Wars I and II. Now neglected and in dis-repair, it once exemplifies the Navy’s ability to create a permanent and professional medical service for Navy personnel and their dependents.  The complex is an intact collection of thirty-two buildings located in the northwest corner of the former Charleston Navy Base.

Abby was so much fun to work with!  She is a beautiful young lady, both inside and out!  And she has a very unique look.  I can see why she’s so popular on the runway!!!  We had a great time exploring the area, and coming up with some killer images for her to add to her portfolio.