Becca & Matt’s Wentworth Mansion Wedding

When Matt hired me to photograph his Surprise Proposal to his beautiful girlfriend, Becca, back in August, I felt a real connection to this AMAZING couple:  So you can imagine how excited I was when they called to ask if I would photograph their wedding!!! 🙂

“True Love” is what comes to mind when I think of Becca & Matt. The way he looks at her, the way she holds his hand, the way they know what each other is thinking without saying a single word…it’s like a fairy tale! In keeping with their love for each other, Becca & Matt wanted to get married as soon as possible. So they proposed having me photograph a small elopement, just an intimate ceremony with the two of them and their parents. Then later next summer, they would have me photograph the big reception with all their friends and family!

This weekend Becca & Matt tied the knot at the old historic Wentworth Mansion. The 21-room tribute to Charleston’s gilded age exudes the glamour and grandeur of the Holy City. Italian crystal chandeliers, hand-carved marble fireplaces, and Tiffany stained glass create a setting of gracious hospitality, further enhanced by luxurious amenities and thoughtful guest experiences – all just a short stroll from the city’s world-class dining and shopping.

The touching ceremony was led by Becca’s cousin, Kerrie. Warm sunlight danced through the iconic trees as Becca and her father made their way down the giant staircase. Surrounded by the love of their parents, Becca & Matt exchanged their vows on the grand lawn under a brilliant blue sky.

After signing their license, it was time to “play”. So the three of us set about capturing a variety of creative images, paying homage to the timelessness of the incredible setting, and preserving the beauty of this amazing couple on the happiest day of their lives!  Eventually the sun dipped below the horizon, and the happy couple joined their parents across the way at the Circa 1886 Restaurant for dinner.

CONGRATULATIONS Becca & Matt!!! We wish you all the happiness in the world as you begin this new chapter in your lives…

Anastasia & Alex are Married at the Greek Orthodox Church

Congratulations to Anastasia and Alex!!! Their absolutely GORGEOUS wedding was held at the Greek Orthodox Church, with the reception following at Circa 1886, and home-base being the Wentworth Mansion.

With their blended international families, Anastasia, Alex, and I “clicked” right from the start. Anastasia was an absolutely STUNNING, elegant, and easy-going bride! Her Greek heritage had a lot to do with that, I’m sure. Alex was this tall handsome groom with a great sense of humor. Having recently returned from visiting his great country, I’m convinced his Australian heritage had much to do with that.

We had an absolute BLAST together on their wedding day!!! And I couldn’t be happier for these two! We wish you all the best as you begin your new journey together!!! 🙂

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Ashley & Sherrod at Trinity UMC

The hot, sticky, summer heat gave way to a gentle respite last weekend…just in time for Ashley & Sherrod’s Big Day!  J  I met up with Ashley at the historic Wentworth Mansion, where Sherrod had proposed to her in early November.  Fittingly, we had also photographed their Engagement Portraits in this picturesque B&B.  Sherrod met up with us there the two of them exchanged their First Glance before the mayhem of the wedding day began.  Then it was off to Trinity United Methodist Church, the oldest in South Carolina, where they were married in a beautiful service.  Their reception was held at the South Carolina Society Hall, a venue with great character that I always love working in! 

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CONGRATULATIONS Ashley & Sherrod!  May you forever stick to each other like glue…

Ashley & Sherrod at The Wentworth Mansion

I always LOVE working at The Wentworth Mansion!  The cupola is so cool, the history is so rich, and the people there are always so nice.  So when Ashley & Sherrod told me that’s where he proposed and that’s where they wanted to do their Engagement Session, I was STOKED!!!  We had a blast and got a ton of fun images.  Here are a few of my favorite.  You can see the rest at


Joy & Michael on the Carolina Girl

Joy & Michael had an AMAZING wedding celebration last weekend!!! Their day started out at the fabulous Wentworth Mansion…a beautiful and historic place I always love photographing in. They were married on the Carolina Girl Yacht with The Battery as our scenic backdrop. Camille did a fantastic job as usual orchestrating everything. All of Joy & Michael’s friends and family were on board to help them celebrate. So the party went on non-stop throughout the evening as Captain Bob and his crew took us on a romantic cruise all over Charleston Harbor.

Click Here to see the rest of their photos. CONGRATULATIONS, Joy & Michael! You guys are an AWESOME couple!!!