Lea & Frank on The Carolina Girl Yacht

I love photographing all weddings. But it’s always EXTRA special to photograph a close friend’s wedding. Last week I had the pleasure of capturing the amazing wedding celebration of our long-time friend and neighbor, Frank, and his beautiful fiancé, Lea!

I met Frank many years ago at a wedding where he was the videographer and I was the photographer. His background in the TV industry has made him an incredible story-teller. Our shared passion for capturing the love between two people was the start of a wonderful friendship. Finding out he lived just 4 doors down from Cami and I made it even easier for us to grab coffee, go to lunch, or just stop by for a chat. Frank is an AMAZING guy…and we couldn’t be happier for him and Lea!

Although I haven’t known Lea nearly as long, it’s been such a blessing to watch their relationship grow and blossom. Lea has a kindness and gentleness about her that speaks volumes to her character. The way she treats Frank with love and respect, and the way she “gets” his corny jokes, lets me know know they are a match made in heaven.  🙂  Lea is also an amazing mother to her son Josiah!

Lea & Frank planned an intimate celebration on a gorgeous summer evening aboard The Carolina Girl Yacht. Arriving early, they shared a very special First Look in the picturesque park near the dock. After portraits with family and friends, we boarded the yacht for a fantastic cruise around Charleston Harbor. Close family and friends witnessed a touching ceremony…with a few funny movie quotes thrown in for good humor. The couple then shared their First Dance before sunset portraits on the bow. Afterwards, Frank & Lea joined guests in the main cabin for dinner. The delightful evening continued on the top deck with dancing and mingling as we enjoyed the gentle ocean breezes until the captain brought us back to the dock.

Many thanks to Camille, Sarah Beth, and Captain Trent for going above and beyond. And a special thanks to Captain Bob for making a guest-star appearance to make sure all was ship-shape before our departure!

It was an absolute honor to photograph Lea & Frank’s surprise proposal earlier this year: https://chrisandcami.com/lea-frank-are-engaged/. And it was an even deeper honor to be there for them to capture all these special moments of their wedding day!

Sally & Vincent’s “Carolina Girl” Vow Renewal

It’s been TEN YEARS since Sally & Vincent tied the knot. But at the time, they weren’t able to have a big wedding. So for their 10-year Anniversary, they decided to throw that beautiful “party of the century” wedding celebration they’d always imagined!!!  🙂

Sally & Vincent met and fell in love in Coney Island, NY. Her brother lived in Charleston.  So Sally kept coming down to the area for visits. Later on, Sally & Vincent moved to Connecticut.  But it wasn’t quite the right fit, and they still hated those cold winters. Eventually they took the plunge and moved to Mt. Pleasant.  Along the way, they started a family.  Their daughters, Vanessa and Scarlett, are absolutely adorable.  You can check out their engagement/family photos here:  https://chrisandcami.com/sally-vincent-folly-beach-engagement/).  Since moving to Charleston, Sally & Vincent have built their dream home…and have been here ever since!

To pull off this fabulous wedding celebration, these two lovebirds joined with the amazing team at The Carolina Girl Yacht (www.carolinagirlevents.com)!  Camille, Jessica, Captain T.J., and the rest of the crew helped them get every detail in place, and made sure everything ran smoothly throughout the event.

When the Big Day arrived, I met up with Sally and her girls at The White Room for their “getting ready” photos.  Sally was absolutely STUNNING in her elegant wedding gown!  Then it was off to The Carolina Girl to catch up with Vincent and his guys.  When the Party Buss arrived with the girls on it, Vincent was waiting in the picturesque park near the dock.  Knowing how long Sally & Vincent had waited for this moment, it was all I could do to hold back the tears and keep shooting while this amazing couple enjoyed their emotional First Look.  Next, we stepped up the pace with wedding party photos in the park before guests arrived.  Then it was off to The Carolina Girl for the rest of the evening!  From family and friends enjoying the scenic cruise around Charleston harbor, to their heartfelt vow renewal, to family portraits on the bow, to a delicious dinner, and finally the gleeful laughter reverberating off the water as everyone danced the night away…a FABULOUS time was had by all at Sally & Vincent’s Big Celebration.  That, my friends, is exactly how dreams come true!!!

CONGRATULATIONS Sally & Vincent!  You two are so perfect for each other.  We wish you all the best as you continue to love one another, love your wonderful girls, and live life to the fullest for MANY MORE anniversaries to come…


Brittny & Chuck’s Wedding on the Carolina Girl

When I met up with Brittny & Check for their sunrise engagement shoot on Folly Beach (www.chrisandcami.com/brittny-chuck-at-folly-beach-pier/), they INSTANTLY become one of my favorite couples ever! They are just so much fun to be around…always full of joy and laughter!!! 🙂

Arriving at The Marriott Hotel the morning of their wedding, I could tell this was going to be a truly special day. Brittny had surrounded herself with some amazing family and friends, full of love for her, sharing encouraging words, keeping the spirits high, and showering her with gifts as she got ready. Plus she looked absolutely STUNNING in her wedding gown!

Making my way to The Carolina Girl, a beautiful yacht that hosts weddings as it sails around the Charleston harbor, the guys (and Best Lady) were having a ball! We grabbed a ton of really fun photos before Chuck made his way out on the dock to meet Brittny. The threatening clouds held back juuust long enough for them to have their First Look before the skies cracked open!

The rain didn’t dampen their spirits one bit!!! We had a beautiful ceremony on the top deck under the protection of the awning, followed by a fantastic meal on the main deck, then back to the top for a CRAZY night of partying and dancing into the wee hours!

Many thanks to Libby with Details Wedding Planning, as well as Jessica, Captain TJ, and the entire staff of The Carolina Girl, for keeping everything on track.

CONGRATULATIONS to Brittny & Chuck!!! We wish you both all the happiness in the world as you begin your new journey together as husband and wife…

Tani & Scot’s Wedding on the Carolina Girl

Tani and Scot were classmates at Pelham Road Elementary back in the 70’s. Scot played football for the Mustangs, and Tani was a cheerleader. It’s the classic American sweetheart story!  Scot asked Tani to wear his jersey one week and Tani happily accepted.  🙂  Scot and Tani both attended Greenville Middle School as well as Eastside High School. As they got older, the bond of the “Pelham Road Mustang Jersey” faded and, as often happens in high school, their lives took different paths. After High School Graduation, Tani went on to college at USC, and then to Furman for her Masters. Scot joining the Marine Corps, and studied at Lander University and Greenville Tech. After a deployment to Desert Shield/Desert Storm, Scot went on to a 15 year career in the golf industry.  Tani got married and had two wonderful children, Brooke and Garrett, while parenting a step child as well.  Years later, Tani and Scot re-ignited the flame of the “Pelham Road Mustang”, and have been inseparable ever since!

It’s been an absolute pleasure to get to know Tani & Scot as we planned, prepared and finally got to photograph their beautiful wedding last weekend!  The pure joy, and beautiful energy both of them put out into the world is such a breath of fresh air.  The way they laugh, cry, hug, and hold each other lets you know that they are TRULY living life to the fullest.  In the worries and woes of today’s crazy world, being around these two put peace in my mind and hope in my heart.  The world is a better place with these two in it…ESPECIALLY now that they have found their way back to each other!!!  🙂

I met up with Tani & Scott for their First Glance in a beautiful clearing surrounded by trees near the Ripley Point Marina.  What a joyful way to start off their celebration!  Family and friends joined us for a fun photo shoot soon after.  Then it was on to the one and only Carolina Girl.  I absolutely LOVE photographing weddings and receptions on this beautiful yacht!  Ashley and the rest of the staff had prepared everything down to the last detail.  Breezes swayed the sweet grass back and forth as we cruised through the low-country waterscape surrounding historic downtown Charleston.  Tani & Scott exchanged their vows on the upper deck as the serene scene floated by.  After a perfectly timed sunset photo-opp, the party kicked into high gear with dinner, dancing, and LOTS of celebrating!

At the end of the evening, a special surprise awaited Tani.  Scott had secretly arranged for an 8-man company of marines to perform the traditional Saber Arch as the two of them dis-embarked from the Carolina Girl.  It was quite a site, and quite an emotional moment!  To welcome her to the Marines, Tani received the customary “sword swat” on the derriere, to everyone’s applause.  Hand-in-hand, Tani & Scot then made their way down the dock, lined with excited friends and family, all blowing bubbles and high-fiving the newlyweds as they made their way off into the night!

CONGRATULATIONS Tani & Scott!  May your hearts forever be full and free!!!

Jackie & Chris at Sunrise Presbyterian Church

Jackie & Chris’ wedding has been a long time coming!  But through all the ups and downs of Chris’ fight with cancer, the families rallied together and victory was claimed!!!  I truly believe the difficult times in life draw us closer and strengthen our bonds beyond measure.  I was witness to the evidence of these bonds time and time again throughout Jackie & Chris’ wedding day.  It is such an honor and a privilege to have been able to share in this special day with such an AMAZING couple! 

Jackie & Chris were married at the gorgeous Sunrise Presbyterian Church on Sullivan’s Island.  After the ceremony, we walked across the beach to sink our naked toes in the sand and get some fun shots of the wedding party.  Then we joined the PARTAAAAY on the Carolina Girl Yacht.  I always love working with Captain Bob and his crew…they are top notch and always make sure everyone has a GREAT time on board! 

Enjoy Jackie & Chris’ fun Music Video at www.chrisandcami.com/blog.  Then head over to www.chrisandcami.zenfolio.com to see the rest of their photos.  CONGRATULATIONS Jackie & Chris.  You guys are a very special couple to me and I will never forget sharing this beautiful day with you!

Joy & Michael on the Carolina Girl

Joy & Michael had an AMAZING wedding celebration last weekend!!! Their day started out at the fabulous Wentworth Mansion…a beautiful and historic place I always love photographing in. They were married on the Carolina Girl Yacht with The Battery as our scenic backdrop. Camille did a fantastic job as usual orchestrating everything. All of Joy & Michael’s friends and family were on board to help them celebrate. So the party went on non-stop throughout the evening as Captain Bob and his crew took us on a romantic cruise all over Charleston Harbor.

Click Here to see the rest of their photos. CONGRATULATIONS, Joy & Michael! You guys are an AWESOME couple!!!