CTAR Market Forecast Conference at The Gaillard

It’s been a pleasure to work with the Charleston Trident Association of Realtors over the years. They are a wonderful organization, and their members are always so friendly and fun to work with!

This year their annual Commercial Real Estate Market Forecast Conference was held at The Gaillard Auditorium. With top notch speakers, and high-profile sponsors, it’s no wonder the room was packed to the brim! It was neat to hear positive messages about how the housing economy is doing, what the work force is looking like, and other insider tips from those who are “in the know”.

Many thanks to CTAR for inviting me back to photograph their event again this year!

Moffett & Kevin’s Wedding at The Gaillard

Last weekend I had the pleasure of helping my friend and amazing photographer, Josie Strong, cover Moffett & Kevin’s wedding at The Gaillard Auditorium. Check out Josie’s beautiful work at www.josiestrong.com!

Moffett & Kevin actually had TWO wedding services. They had a Sikh wedding, followed by an Indian style cocktail hour. Then they had a Catholic wedding, followed by a traditional wedding reception.

It was a long day.  But Josie and I had so much fun working together,  getting to know this beautiful couple, and capturing their amazing day!