Charleston Center for Birds of Prey

Beautiful weather…beautiful birds…I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day at the Center for Birds of Prey!

I’ve been attending their Photography Day events for several years now. These events sell out fast, and never disappoint!

Most of these were shot with the new Nikkor 300mm f4 PF on either a Nikon D500 or a Nikon D4.

Kudos to the staff and volunteers at the Center for Birds of Prey for putting on such an AMAZING opportunity for us photographers to get up close and personal with these incredible creature.

Annual Florida Birding Adventure

After completing my photographic coverage of a fantastic 3-day corporate event in Sarasota, I scheduled a few days off to visit some of my favorite avian hot spots!

Each spring, I plan an expedition through Florida to cover the incredible mating and breeding cycle of life. There are secret areas that are literally flooded with activity this time of year…making for exciting photographic oportunities!

Unfortunately, I had to be back in Charleston for another photo shoot after only a few days. I usually take a week to seek out and shoot this avian activity. But I still got a few keepers in spite of the shortened expedition. Here are some of my favorites! 🙂