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  • "Tack Sharp Photos of Birds-in-Flight"

  • I'm super honored and very excited to have been featured in the popular blog, Travel Notes & Storytelling: https://www.travelnotesandstorytelling.com/tack-sharp-photos-of-birds-in-flight/? Marie Goff is the talent behind this informative and entertaining blog site. It was her love of adventure a[...]
Wildlife Workshop at Center for Birds of Prey
  • Wildlife Workshop at Center for Birds of Prey

  • I had the pleasure of leading another fun workshop at The Center for Birds of Prey last weekend! :-) Many thanks to Mandy Feavel for all her hard work putting it together. And what a treat to work with the amazing educators, Jessie Curry and Natalie Hendrickson, again!!! https://www.thecenterforb[...]