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  • "Tack Sharp Photos of Birds-in-Flight"

  • I'm super honored and very excited to have been featured in the popular blog, Travel Notes & Storytelling: https://www.travelnotesandstorytelling.com/tack-sharp-photos-of-birds-in-flight/? Marie Goff is the talent behind this informative and entertaining blog site. It was her love of adventure a[...]
Wildlife Workshop at Center for Birds of Prey
  • Wildlife Workshop at Center for Birds of Prey

  • I had the pleasure of leading another fun workshop at The Center for Birds of Prey last weekend! :-) Many thanks to Mandy Feavel for all her hard work putting it together. And what a treat to work with the amazing educators, Jessie Curry and Natalie Hendrickson, again!!! https://www.thecenterforb[...]
Center for Birds of Prey
  • Center for Birds of Prey

  • Last weekend I had the privilege of photographing a group of children involved in an immersive learning experience at the Center for Birds of Prey. Thank you Kara for the wonderful opportunity to see the wonder and awe in these young people's faces as they learned about these beautiful creatures![...]
The Kites of Allendale
  • The Kites of Allendale

  • Last week I managed to find a little time to go photograph a fun personal project! I've heard of the amazing Kites of Allendale for several years, but never had a chance to get up there to photograph them. So I packed up the Nikon D500 and Nikkor 200-400 f4 VR...my favorite wildlife combo...and h[...]