Brendan Surprises Nina with a Proposal

One of my favorite things to photograph is a Secret Proposal!!!

Last week I got a call from Brendan, all excited and eager to chat about the possibilities of capturing that special moment when he asked his girlfriend of 3 years if she would marry him. It was so awesome working with Brendan to figure out the perfect spot, and the perfect time of day!  We worked out every detail down to the minute and the exact tree in the park under which he would pop the question.

Aaaaand then the rains came!!! We were so nervous as the rain was completely unexpected and unpredictable. An hour before our set time, a dark cloud appeared over Charleston without warning. The radar showed that it would pass through pretty quickly.  But we were on pins and needles right up to minutes before!

Luckily, it did blow through just in time, and everything went PERFECT!!! I couldn’t be happier for Brendan & Nina! They are such an amazing couple. And I truly enjoyed our time together as we photographed some fun engagement photos before they headed off to dinner to celebrate.

CONGRATULATIONS Brendan & Nina!!! 🙂

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Chris & Mandi’s Secret Proposal at Middleton Place

I feel like a SPY!!!

Chris and I have been in cahoots for several weeks now, planning his really cool surprise wedding proposal to Mandi. Chris is an incredible guy! Everything he’s planned out, down to the finest details, has all been to make Mandi the happiest girl in the world. I think it’s so honorable when a man does that for his future bride!!!

Yesterday, the big day finally arrived! It was Mandi’s birthday. Chris had planned it that way so she wouldn’t suspect he was proposing until the last minute…pretty sneaky! They drove down for a fun weekend get-away to Charleston. The first stop on their list was to visit Middleton Plantation for a relaxing tour of the gorgeous gardens before their dinner reservations.

Before they arrived, I took all the picnic items, and the painted pumpkins, and set them up under the oak tree Chris had selected for “the spot”. With eyes on the target, I was able to follow the Mandi & Chris as they strolled around the grounds, sneaking a few shots as they went. Once they began approaching the picnic area, I got myself hidden and waited for them to come into view

With heart pounding and hands sweating, I gripped the camera and captured a ton of great shots as Chris asked Mandi to be his wife! Photographing all the cute moments of their picnic was a delight. Finally I came out of hiding so that we could create some beautiful engagement photos of them in the gorgeous “Magic Hour” right before sunset!

CONGRATULATIONS Mandi and Chris! May your lives be full of joys too numerous to count!!!

Amanda & Alicia’s Lifestyle Shoot

With all the mayhem leading up to their BEAUTIFUL wedding (which was featured in Borrowed & Blue by the way), Amanda, Alicia, and I didn’t get a chance to photograph their engagement session. So instead, Amanda had this really creative idea to do a post-wedding “lifestyle” shoot in their home! We had SO MUCH FUN hanging out and creating these awesome images of life, love, family, and togetherness!!!