Christopher Teves Strikes a Chord

Working with a fellow artist like Christopher Teves always inspires me!

I’ve known Christopher for a long time. I remember photographed images for the cover of one of his first CDs many years ago. We often bump into each other at weddings when he’s playing the processional, or at recitals where he’s a featured musician. But spending quality time with him the other afternoon was a real honor!

Christopher is the kind of gentle old soul that resonates with me. We could have been brothers in another lifetime! His passion for his art runs deep. He loves what he does. And he works REALLY hard to be the best that he can be at his craft!

If you haven’t had the pleasure, I highly recommend seeking out Christopher’s next performance, booking a guitar lesson, or crashing the next wedding he’s playing! 🙂 Check him out at

Nathan Bell invades my Secret Shooting Spot!

Yesterday evening I was “on walkabout” doing an Engagement photo shoot with one of my favorite couples EVER!  We were just walking along, having a blast, and getting some cool shots…when suddenly on the other side of an old brick wall I could hear a camera clicking away.  I peeked around the corner and who should I see by my good friend and fellow photographer, Nathan Bell of Richard Bell Photography!  Nathan’s a great guy with a wonderful sense of humor…so we both immediately went into mock horror mode…like “hey man, what are YOU doing in MY shooting space?!?”  Then we busted out laughing and introduced our couple to each other, and chit chatted for a few minutes before carrying on our separate ways.  But before Nathan could get out of sight, I enticed his couple into this zany pose with him.  It’s always fun bumping into friends while out shooting.  J