Early Morning Headshots for East Cooper Medical Center

After a wet and dreary couple days, it sure was great to have beautiful early morning sunlight for my photo session this Friday!

Tenet Physician Resources coordinated with me to set up at the Dodds Durst House to photograph a new team member for the East Cooper Medical Center. Rachel was a lot of fun to work with! She’s from Tennessee and joins the team as a nurse practitioner. She loves the doctor she’s working for.  And the staff has made her feel right at home.

Using the warm early morning rays as a hair light, I augmented the natural sunlight with 4 speedlights. I attached a CTO gel on one Flashpoint, and placed it behind Rachel as a rim light to help even out the sun. The other three were mounted inside a Neewer octobox and placed on the opposite side from the sun to act as fill light and create a nice catch-light in the eyes. All images were shot on the new Nikon Z9 with 70-200 f2.8 VRII lens (using the FTZII adapter). Camera and lighting supports were provided by Manfrotto.  ISO 250, f4.0, 1/160 sec.

CONGRATULATIONS to Rachel on joining a fantastic team!!!

Last Photo Shoot of 2020

My last photo shoot for 2020 took place yesterday. I couldn’t have asked for a more fun and friendly group of ladies to work with!!!

I met up with the 5 doctors of Mt. Pleasant OBGYN at the Dodds-Durst House across from the East Cooper Medical Facility. The property has a traditional old plantation house and a beautiful grove of live oak trees just covered with Spanish moss! We had so much fun capturing a variety of great images for them to use in their upcoming 2021 marketing campaign.

If you’re lookig for a fun, friendly, and creative photography team to help with your headshots, group photos, or marketing images for the New Year, let us know. We’d be delighted to help you start 2021 off with a bang!!!

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