Muro Family on Isle of Palms

We had another EPIC Muro Family Photo Shoot the other day!!!

Susan and Greg have been vacationing on IOP each summer with all their kids and grand kids. It’s been such an honor to capture updated family portraits for them whenever they are in town. Watching their family grow and bond together has been such a joy for me. And I love how they always make ME feel like part of their family!

Happy 4th of July!!!

Hines Family on IOP

Cami and I had SUCH a great time catching up with the Hines Family at their reunion on Isle of Palms! It’s been three years since our last shoot. The kids hava all grown up. But fortunately, EVERYONE (including the adults), has stayed young at heart!!! 🙂

Medina Family on Isle of Palms

Earlier this week I had the honor of photographing Frank’s Surprise Proposal to his beautiful, kind, and wonderful girlfriend, Lizzy: What could top that, right?!?

Well, yesterday I got to meet the rest of their AMAZING family for a fabulous beach photo session on Isle of Palms. We had such a great time together!!! The most incredible part of the shoot was at the very end when the most SPECTACULAR anti-crepuscular rays turned the sky into a dramatic Hollywood movie set!

Since the radiant skies showed up after Frank and Lizzy stayed a little extra with me to photograph a few more engagement photos, I told them it was a sign that their marriage was meant to be! What do you all think? 🙂

Muro Family on Isle of Palms

YAY!!! Another great summer beach session with one of my all-time-favorite families! 🙂

Bible Family at Hampton Park

Hampton Park is Charleston’s largest public park. It boasts an extensive floral display, giant live-oaks, long tree-lined avenues, a beautiful gazebo, and a wonderful duck pond that’s always teaming with activity. It’s no wonder this is one of my favorite locations for family portrait sessions!

This morning, I met up with the AMAZING Bible Family, who are all down here from Ohio celebrating Roger & Sara’s 50th Anniversary!  The last couple days of rain cleared up just in time for us to have a lovely morning with refreshingly cool temperatures. We all had a great photo shoot, and captured some really funny moments. Isn’t that what family is all about?!? 🙂

Many thanks to Kim for all her hard work coordinating this crazy crew! And thanks to everyone for making me feel part of the family!!!