The Magic of a Retouching Artist

Some of our clients, like Caldwell Commercial, use our talented retouching artists to keep their headshots and team photos updated!
As a company grows and expands, some employees move on, and new ones join the team. When this happens, most companies have me come out to photograph new headshots and re-do the team photo. However, deciding on a location, and gathering everyone back together periodically can be difficult with their hectic schedules. Bob Caldwell was a talented photographer in his day. So we worked together to come up with a “digital” backdrop that he liked for his company’s headshots as well as their group shot!
When a new member (or an adorable new mascot) joins the team, I come out and photograph them against clean wall in their office, send the images off to our our trusted and talented Retouching Lab, the artists do their magic, and PRESTO…we have a new headshot that matches everyone else, and a new team photo with the right faces in it! 🙂
Please help me welcome Aleah and Cooper to a fantastic team!!!

How We Keep Caldwell Commercial’s Team Photo Up To Date

Many of our business clients are looking for the most efficient way to keep their staff’s group photo and individual headshots up to date. In today’s hectic world, it can be difficult to schedule a new group photo every few months whenever a new member join the team!

Luckily, we’ve got a great system in place that makes it quite painless for our clients. We start with an existing group photo. Then, every time one or two new people join the team, I come out to photograph their headshots. While I’m there, I also take an individual full-length photo. This photo is then sent off to our amazing Retouching Lab, where one of the Retouching Artists inserts them into the original group photo, replacing anyone who may have left in the interim. Since I use the exact same lighting, camera, and settings for the individual shots as I did on the original group shot, everything matches up perfectly and nobody can tell the difference!

This system isn’t for everyone. But for many of the smaller businesses we work with, it’s the perfect solution.  It allows them to keep their website and social media channels up to date without all the hassle of re-shooting the group photo quite as often.

^^^ Before ^^^

^^^ After ^^^

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Caldwell Commercial

Though I mostly post my Wedding and Portrait work on here, I shoot a good bit of Corporate/Commercial photography as well.  One of my favorite corporate clients to work with is Caldwell Commercial.  They are a great group of folks, always fun and entertaining to be around.  Plus, Bob (the owner) used to do a bit of professional photography himself back in the film days.  So he and I always have lots in common to talk about.  Here’s a shot I did a few days ago of Cindy, the latest member on their team.