Southern Current Company Photos

Yesterday I had a really fun photo shoot at Southern Current, South Carolina’s premier solar development company.  If you are looking for a renewable energy solution, these are your people!!!

Going for a casual, modern style to fit the personality of this forward-thinking copmany, we decided on a clean, high-key lighting technique. Everyone was so much fun, and the shoot went absolutely flawlessly!

Many thanks to Maddy and the gang at Obviouslee Marketing for trusting us to create these photos for use in Southern Current’s branding and marketing campaign for 2016.  You guys ROCK!!!

Charlest Schwab Business Portraits

“I created this company because I believed investors deserved better. They still do.” – Chuck Schwab

Charles Schwab has a 40-year history of innovation and industry-leading change for the good of all investors. It’s an honor to have them as a client. It was a real pleasure photographing Julie, the newest member of the Mt. Pleasant team!

Metanoia and Fresh Future Farms

Fresh Future Farm is a city-based venture that leverages healthy food and grocery services to create socially just economic development. The project’s focus is on developing a socially responsible urban grocery model and farming operation that keeps costs down for customers by growing organic produce where it will be consumed, and educating customers on the social economic and environmental benefits of an urban farming operation.

It was a pleasure photographing promotional images of this project for the South Carolina Community Loan Fund, which granted the seed money through its Feeding Innovation Challenge. Germaine Jenkins (the CEO of FFF and Metanoia’s Community Garden Coordinator), and Rev. Bill Stanfield (CEO of Metanioa), and the rest of the staff, were an absolute pleasure to work with!

Dr. Schutte for Tenet Physician Resources

Dr. Schutte is the past president of both the South Carolina Orthopedic Association and the Charleston County Medical Society. He has received numerous honors, including The John A. Siegling Teaching Award from MUSC, and has been published numerous times on hip and knee joint replacement topics.

Cami’s parents have received multiple joint replacements. So it was a real honor to be able to photograph Dr. Schutte and his amazing, friendly, and delightful staff for Tenet Physician Resources!

High-Key Headshots

Earlier this week I got to work with some of my favorite corporate clients at Colliers Keenan.  They’re doing some re-branding and decided to make all new headshots using a high-key white background.  I lit them with a single giant softbox and placed a reflector on the oposite side to open up the shadows.  The background was placed about 8 feet behind my subject and lit separately with an umbrella on each side.  I’ve found that when shooting high-key, it’s very important to light the background separately from the subject to really keep those whites clean and bright!

Caldwell Commercial

Though I mostly post my Wedding and Portrait work on here, I shoot a good bit of Corporate/Commercial photography as well.  One of my favorite corporate clients to work with is Caldwell Commercial.  They are a great group of folks, always fun and entertaining to be around.  Plus, Bob (the owner) used to do a bit of professional photography himself back in the film days.  So he and I always have lots in common to talk about.  Here’s a shot I did a few days ago of Cindy, the latest member on their team.