RadioPopper Goes to Romania

I have been a HUGE fan of RadioPoppers since they liberated me from the line-of-sight limitations of my Nikon Creative Lighting System.  I absolutely LOVE the versatility, dependability, and control that the whole Nikon CLS flash system gives me.  Extending all those qualities to HUNDREDS of feet instead of a couple dozen, and being able to place remote flashes around walls and behind subjects, all while maintaining full i-TTL functionality and high-speed-sync, truly allows me to bring my vision to life without any limitations. 

This past July I traveled to Romania with a very compact lineup of gear that included a RadioPopper Px System.  (To see some my other posts and photos from Romania, Click Here.)  I have a couple of tricks I’ll share some day that allow me to attach the units in a more compact and streamlined manner to my flashes.  This maximizes my opportunities and minimizes set-up, tear-down, and excess space in my camera bag…especially important while doing run-n-gun street-level travel assignments like this!

In spite of the different radio frequencies floating around most of Eastern Europe, I had absolutely no problems with interference.  My RadioPoppers worked every time and made for some really dramatic shots that never would have been possible without them!  Since I’m such a believer and real-world tester of their products, the wonderful folks at RadioPopper have been kind enough to sponsor my “Light Bending 411” wireless lighting workshops like the one I’m doing in Maine next week.  So please check them out at and let me know if you have any questions or would like a discount code so you can order your own set!

Light Bending 411

I would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Patty Hallman and the Professional Photographers of South Carolina for inviting me to teach my “Light Bending 411” wireless lighting workshop in Columbia yesterday!  We had about 30 AMAZING photographers there.  I loved working with our three gorgeous models.  Erika is an incredibly elegant creative dancer.  Her young prodigy, Lea, was simply beautiful.  And Megan was such a gorgeous bride.  Last but not least, a special thank you to the crazy group from Charleston that drove up to participate.  It was great to have a few familiar faces in the crowd!!!  More to come soon…

Strobist Gathering

Recently a bunch of us Charleston photographers, David Hobby followers, and Strobist aficionados got together for a little “Strobist Gathering”. My good friend Charlie Thiel did a great job organizing it and helping the Canon folks with their questions about E-TTL. My buddy Robbin Knight set up an outdoor location-type shoot and helped show off what Radio Poppers can do. My friend Mahmood Fazal helped folks with Pocket Wizards. And finally, I set up a completely wirelss studio and helped answer questions about Nikon’s CLS system. It was a total BLAST and we all had a great time…especially once we hit the pizza joint at the corner after we were done. 🙂 Part of the purpose of the gathering was to raise awareness and support for

Here’s a “before” shot while I was setting up, taken by my friend Kip Bulwinkle.

Here are a couple shots I took with my lighting setup.

I used my Nikon D2x with the WT-2a attached. This allowed the images to magically pop up on my laptop, allowing everyone to see exactly what I was getting.

Here’s a crude (HA…understatement!) diagram of my setup.

Here’s a quick grab-shot of the scene outside with some of the location shooters.