Double Your Pleasure

I used to love those Wrigley’s commercials…”Double your pleasure with double-mint gum”.  J 

At my workshops, one of the questions I get a lot is “how do you get enough power out of those little flashes for big groups”?  Well, I double (or even triple) them up.  I have a couple home-modified umbrella brackets that can hold 1, 2, or 3 flashes.  Basically, a flash like an SB-800 puts out around 50 watt-seconds of power.  So if you need more power, putting two together gives you 100ws, putting three together gives you 150.  Another reason for ganging flashes together is so that you can use a lower power setting on each, thus increasing your recycle time AND extending how long you can go before replacing batteries.

This is my 3rd year photographing the ESPN Charleston Classic.  The event is kicked off with a huge Welcome Dinner on the hanger deck of The Yorktown, a decommissioned aircraft carrier.  At the event, I have to photograph a group shot of each team.  The first year, I brought my big AlienBee studio strobes.  Well guess what I didn’t think of…wall outlets are EXTREMELY rare and hard to find on an aircraft carrier!  The last two years, I’ve made life so much easier by using my wireless lighting system; no hunting for outlets…no McGyvering several extension chords together…no taping down cables. 

I simply set up my light stands with two flashes in each, firing into a shoot-through umbrella for soft, even illumination.  Each flash is set to around ¼ power and triggered via a RadioPopper.  I’m using my D3 at iso 640, f5.6 for plenty depth of field, and 1/30 of a second for ambient light in the background.  If you’re still using studio lights on location, I recommend doubling up your flashes.  You’ll love the freedom of going wireless!

Light Bending 411

I would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Patty Hallman and the Professional Photographers of South Carolina for inviting me to teach my “Light Bending 411” wireless lighting workshop in Columbia yesterday!  We had about 30 AMAZING photographers there.  I loved working with our three gorgeous models.  Erika is an incredibly elegant creative dancer.  Her young prodigy, Lea, was simply beautiful.  And Megan was such a gorgeous bride.  Last but not least, a special thank you to the crazy group from Charleston that drove up to participate.  It was great to have a few familiar faces in the crowd!!!  More to come soon…

Lisa & Clay’s Charleston Wedding at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church

I have had such an honor getting to know Lisa & Clay over the past year.  Their wedding last weekend will stay with me forever!  Lisa is a teacher here in Charleston.  Clay is a speech therapist.  So they both have a huge heart for helping kids.  They are both such genuine, sweet, and compassionate individuals…you couldn’t find a more adorable couple!  When I first met them, they’d been dating about a year.  Their friend Lizzie gets props for inviting Lisa to join St. Michael’s where they met.  And their friend Charlotte had the honor of introducing them.  Clay picked her ring out on his own (it’s GORGEOUS!) and totally surprised her by taking her up to the church bell-tower right at sunset and proposing to her.  I’m a hopeless romantic at heart…so stories like this really get me.  J

The wedding day was absolutely perfect.  My good friend and fellow photographer, Kellie McCann, joined me on the big day.  We met up with the girls at The Marriott where they were getting ready.  The ceremony was at the beautiful and historic St. Michael’s Episcopal Church.  Afterwards we did wedding party photos at White Point Gardens on The Battery.  And finally we ended back at The Marriott for a rockin’ reception.  Check out the music video with some of my favorite shots at  Then head over to to see the rest of their wedding gallery.

CONGRATULATIONS Lisa & Clay!  You guys are AWESOME!  May God bless you as you begin this new journey together…