Sanja for State Farm

I’d like you to meet Sanja! She is originally from Bosnia and Herzegovena, that beautiful country in the Balkans, along the Adriatic Sea.

Sanja’s family moved to the US when she was still young. And she has taken the world by storm ever since! She’s won all kinds of fitness and body-building competitions…meeting her handsome husband at the gym along the way. 🙂 And she’s been very successful in her business ventures. Her most recent move is opening a new State Farm insurance agency off Orleans Rd!
It was a pleasure meeting Sanja today, photographing some new headshots and marketing photos. I look forward to following her story as she builds her new business in West Ashley. Let’s show her some encouragement and well-wishes!!!

Kevin Sevier State Farm

Remember the old Hairclub for Men advertisement, “I’m not only a client, I’m also the president”? For many of our clients, I can say “I’m not only a client, I’m also the photographer! 🙂

Last week I had the honor of catching up with our old friend, and our trusted State Farm insurance agent, Kevin Sevier. It’s truly amazing what he has done with his business! They finally moved into their new building last year. And they’ve added new members to their team. So Cami and I went down to photograph new team photos and updated head-shots for them.

We had a great time, and even got the behind-the-scenes tour!

State Farm Headshots

We’ve had the privilege of working with some of our corporate clients for a very long time. I consider this a real honor and a true testament to our service! After all, if we weren’t providing a great product, with friendly service, at a reasonable rate, in a timely turnaround…who would keep coming back?

It’s been 10 years since I photographed Kevin Sevier’s first State Farm headshots!!! Based out of Hilton Head, it was great to catch up with him and photograph some new headshots for him and his staff while we were down there this week.  Congratulations on your continued success, Kevin!

If you or your office would like to experience why so many of our corporate clients have been with us for so long, please reach out!  We’re currently booking new clients who are ready for a new  headshot to kick off NEW YEAR with a smile!!!