Charleston Winter Wonderland

During the recent Charleston Winter Story, schools were closed, businesses shut down, and law enforcement asked everyone to stay off the streets!

Having lived through the brutal winters of Michigan and Ohio, I’m quite comfortable driving in snow. But I wasn’t about to place my life in the hands of other drivers on the road, some of whome may have NEVER seen so much of the fluffy white stuff in their lives!

I obediently stayed at home. But I had lots of beauty to observe and enjoy out of my office window! It may have been cold outside. But the fluttering and flirting of the wide variety of beautiful birds in my back yard warmed my heart! 🙂

Lizzie & Frank’s Secret Proposal

No matter how many proposals I photograph, my heart races with each and every one!

Frank and I worked hard to plan out every detail of his surprise proposal to long-time girlfriend, Lizzie. But when the big day arrived, there were “issues” with the spot we had picked. With my heart pounding, I texted Frank to let him know. He was AMAZING…able to think quickly on his feet so that we could shift the location for an even more beautiful moment!

Frank asked Lizzie to be his wife underneath a gorgeous avenue of live oaks at White Point Garden. It was such an honor to capture this special moment for them! Afterwards, we had a BLAST walking around old historic downtown Charleston, photographing some authentic engagement photos for them.

It was great to get to know this kind, caring, and wonderful couple. CONGRATULATIONS Lizzie & Frank!!!

Ella at Magnolia Plantation

One of the many joys in my life is teaching and inspiring others who share my love for the art of photography.

This weekend I had the priviledge of mentoring Ella Crawford as she shadowed me for her 8th grade career day project in school. Since she loves wildlife, we spent the afternoon at Magnolia Plantation and it’s amazing Audubon Swamp Garden.  This beautiful young lady is more mature than most high-schoolers I know. She has a deep passion for art in its many forms. And she DEFINITELY has a gift!!!

Thank you for spending your afternoon with me, Ella! I wish you all the happiness in the world as you follow your heart and fulfill your dreams, whatever they may be.