Ally & Matt’s Surprise Proposal at Magnolia Plantation

I woke up this morning before the alarm…butterflies in my stomach…excitement in my veins. It wasn’t for me. The anticipation of being a part of Matt’s Surprise Proposal to his beautiful girlfriend, Ally, had my adrenaline pumping before my feet hit the floor. It’s hard to believe that 9 years of dating had finally led these two soulmates to this perfect moment!

Matt and I have been secretly corresponding for weeks…planning out every detail of this AMAZING day! We selected a gorgeous avenue of oaks at the picturesque Magnolia Plantation & Gardens. Arriving early, I got all set up and settled into my hiding spot. A small group of tourists walked by and, hesitant at first, asked me why I was hiding in the bushes. After I explained my situation, the men wandered off slightly bemused, while the ladies burst into smiles and giggles, chattering among themselves as they strolled on: “isn’t that the sweetest thing you’ve ever heard of?!?”

Matt and Ally arrived right on cue! The first shot of them walking towards “the spot” cracks me up. You can see Matt’s brain is on high alert as he scans the brush to get a bead on my location. But more importantly, I LOVE ALLY’S REACTION when Matt dropped to his knee and asked her to be his wife!!! 🙂

After she said “Yes”, the three of us enjoyed a wonderful stroll around the plantation, stopping to photograph authentic Engagement Photos along the way. It was a beautiful morning with perfect fall temperatures and gorgeous southern light.  We had a BLAST!!!

CONGRATULATIONS Ally & Matt! You guys are a very special couple. I am truly honored to be forever linked to this beautiful day in your lives!!!

Christina & Jeff’s Secret Proposal at Magnolia Plantation

Jeff and I have been covertly corresponding about his Secret Proposal to his beautiful girlfriend, Christina, since back in March!!! It’s been so much fun coming up with the perfect plan together. It really showed me how much he truly loves this amazing young lady!

The Big Day finally arrived yesterday. As they were enjoying the House Tour at Magnolia Plantation & Gardens, I was getting the stage set and getting in my hiding place. When the tour was done, Jeff led Christina down a winding path and stopped underneath a gorgeous live oak tree. He read a wonderful speech he had prepared for Christina. Than got down on his knee to ask for her hand in marriage.


Afterwards we spent some time walking through the gardens, photographing fun engagement photos, and enjoying the evening together. Christina was so excited. She could hardly keep her eyes off her amazing new ring.  And she couldn’t stop hugging and loving on Jeff the whole time!  🙂

It was an honor and a pleasure to be a part of this special occasion for Christina & Jeff. CONGRATULATIONS to you both!!!