Chairman’s Reception at Churchill’s

It’s been an absolute pleasure getting to know Chad Willis, capturing all his accomplishments as Chairman of the Board of Directors at the US Grains Council.  Chad has been farming since 1997 and has worked in both the corn milling and feed industries. He was a member of the Minnesota Corn Research and Promotion Council before serving on its board. After joining the Council, he served on both the Value-Added Advisory Team (A-Team) and was a vocal advocate for creating the Council’s Ethanol A-Team before serving on the Council’s Board of Directors.

So when Minnesota Corn Research sponsored his Chairman’s Reception at Churchill’s Rooftop Bar in Savannah, I jumped at the chance to cover it! The event space was filled with a “who’s who” of leaders in the world of grain commodities. Ryan LeGrand, President and CEO of the US Grains Council, shared anecdotes and accolades on a job well-done.

CONGRATULATIONS, Chad!!!  May you have plenty of time to rest and recuperate from all your long days and tireless efforts….