Aiken Eye Care

It was time for our annual eye checkup. So Cami and I headed over to our FAVORITE eye doctor, Dr. Lori, at Aiken Eye Care. We love her so much, that when she moved her practice from Charleston to Aiken, we decided to stick with her instead of finding someone new.

While we were there, we did some new marketing photos and headshots for Dr. Lori and her team!

Aiken Eye Care

Ever since I photographed her wedding many years ago, it’s been such a pleasure having Dr. Lori in our lives!

Not only did we photograph her wedding, we’ve photographed family portraits for her family, and marketing photos for her practice at Belle Hall Eye Care. She’s such a great person, and so knowledgeable about her profession, that soon we were also clients of HERS!!! Being that my eyes are an integral part of what I do, I don’t trust my eye care to just anyone!

So when she decided to move to Aiken, Cami and I were delighted when she asked if we’d travel to photograph marketing photos for her new practice! And we were even more delighted when she agreed to continue as our eye doctor!!!  If you’re anywhere near Aiken, check her out at

We had so much fun catching up with Dr. Lori, photographing images for her website, and marketing material, plus of course getting a “clean bill of health” on our eyes. 🙂