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Charleston Winter Wonderland
  • Charleston Winter Wonderland

  • During the recent Charleston Winter Story, schools were closed, businesses shut down, and law enforcement asked everyone to stay off the streets! Having lived through the brutal winters of Michigan and Ohio, I'm quite comfortable driving in snow. But I wasn't about to place my life in the hands o[...]
Lizzie & Frank's Secret Proposal
  • Lizzie & Frank's Secret Proposal

  • No matter how many proposals I photograph, my heart races with each and every one! Frank and I worked hard to plan out every detail of his surprise proposal to long-time girlfriend, Lizzie. But when the big day arrived, there were "issues" with the spot we had picked. With my heart pounding, I te[...]
Ella at Magnolia Plantation
  • Ella at Magnolia Plantation

  • One of the many joys in my life is teaching and inspiring others who share my love for the art of photography. This weekend I had the priviledge of mentoring Ella Crawford as she shadowed me for her 8th grade career day project in school. Since she loves wildlife, we spent the afternoon at Magnol[...]
First Shoot with the Nikon D500
  • First Shoot with the Nikon D500

  • The day after the new Nikon D500 arrived, I took it out to Magnolia Plantation for a test. These are the results...ranging from ISO 800 at the beginning, to ISO 1600 of the squabling family, to 3200 of the pair peering into the water, and finally on up to 12,800 of the last shot!!! [...]