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Veneman Family at Hampton Park
Lee & Associates at Cannon Park
  • Lee & Associates at Cannon Park

  • One assignment I always look forward to every November is photographing the annual holiday team photo for Lee & Associates! This year the photo was held at one of my favorite locations we've used. It's the old historic steps and columns from the original Charleston Museum at Cannon Park. It was [...]
Another Beautiful Home for Solaris
Engineering Projects for Seamon Whiteside
  • Engineering Projects for Seamon Whiteside

  • Over the last few weeks I've had the privilege of photographing a number of amazing engineering and site-design projects for Seamon Whiteside. "SW+ IS A LEADER OF ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS, LOW-IMPACT ADVANCEMENTS IN ENGINEERING AND SITE DESIGN. WE BLEND CIVIL ENGINEERING AND LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTU[...]
Cocktails for Community
  • Cocktails for Community

  • Every fall, the Charleston Trident Association of Realtors hosts "Cocktails for Cummunity", a fabulous fund raiser to help support the Realtors Housing Opportunities Fund. The RHOF is an endowed fund created by the Charleston Trident Association of Realtors supporting non-profit organizations to [...]
Lobster Fest for Iron Gate Realty
  • Lobster Fest for Iron Gate Realty

  • For their client-appreciation dinner this year, Renee & Paul at Iron Gate Realty organized a phenomenal Lobster Fest!!! It was held at the Pierce Park Pavilion on Daniel Island.  After photographing portraits of Renee and her brother (and partner in crime), Paul, I set up and did couple's por[...]
Drone Service for Photographers
  • Drone Service for Photographers

  • For many photographers, passing all the FAA Certifications, and meeting the necessary requirements to fly commercially can be a daunting task! Not every photographer has the skill, the time, or the desire to jump through all those hoops. Having passed our Part 107 FAA Certification years ago, we'[...]
Photographing from the Sky
  • Photographing from the Sky

  • Since becoming FAA Certified for commercial drone photography, I haven't had as many opportunities to go flying as I used to.  I can accomplish most of my aerial photography requests with the drone. But last week I had an assignment for Trident Construction that was going to require flying above 400[...]
Indigo Square for Seamon Whiteside
  • Indigo Square for Seamon Whiteside

  • As Hurricane Dorian crawled up the coast to Charleston, I was a little worried I wouldn't be able to get this assignment completed for Seamon Whiteside. Their amazing team of engineers and designers created the layout of the new Indigo Square multi-use complex in Mt. Pleasant, for which they'd wo[...]

  • Cami and I are safe and sound as this massive storm moves on away from us here in Charleston. Many thanks to all those who checked in on us all day. Now our thoughts and prayers turn to those still ahead of its path of destruction, as well as those left in devastation from its passing. Good night an[...]
MacNaught Family on Kiawah Island
  • MacNaught Family on Kiawah Island

  • It was one of the most beautiful days we've had this summer! Instead of being overcast and gray, as so many afternoons have been lately, the sun was bouncing off beautiful cloud formations in the sky. Yet it was surprisingly cool compared to previous weeks  A gentle breeze was sweeping in off the[...]
Dilella Family on Kiawah Island
  • Dilella Family on Kiawah Island

  • As the summer comes to an end, and schools start back up, I am critically aware that there are only a few "perfect" summer evenings left in the season. One of those was yesterday! I met up with the Dilella Family on Kiawah Island on an absolutely perfect evening! The sun, which had baked the eart[...]