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Colliers International
  • Colliers International

  • I always enjoy working with repeat clients. Developing a long-term relationship gives me an oportunity to get to know everyone at the firm, learn about the company, and make lasting connections. But the best part is, I'm able to fine-tune my photography, and inherntly KNOW what types of images th[...]
AARP On the Street
  • AARP On the Street

  • Young, old, or in-between...everyone worries about the future. So this year, for the 80th Anniversary of Social Security, the folks at AARP are going around the country, visiting every state, and interviewing Americans on the street to find out their thoughts on SS, their reflections on retirement, [...]
How did you do that?
  • How did you do that?

  • Impossible angles enhance the experience of "being there" for our couples! I often get asked "How did you do that?" by clients and fellow photographers alike. Shooting from seemingly impossible angles, and appearing to be in 2 places at once, are tools and techniques we've developed over the year[...]
Urban Ballerina
  • Urban Ballerina

  • It's been my pleasure to work with Brittany McDougal over many years! I photographed her wedding, family portraits, and various conceptual photo shoots throughout her modeling career. As we discussed our next project, this Urban Ballerina style photo shoot rose to the top. Brittany got back into [...]
SC Community Loan Fund at City Hall
  • SC Community Loan Fund at City Hall

  • Today I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing Victoria, the newest member of the SC Community Loan Fund team! We also photographed a new Board Members group photo before their meeting at the North Charleston City Hall.  I always enjoy working with this wonderful just can't[...]
Jon & Jennifer's Secret Proposal at White Point Garden
Crab Bank Wildlife
  • Crab Bank Wildlife

  • It's been a busy "wedding season" in Charleston. But last week I finally got a day off! So what do I do on my day off? I take pictures of course! :-) The sun was shining, the temperatures were moderate, so I grabbed my kayak and headed to Shem Creek! It was a little choppy, but I made it to Crab [...]
Shannon & Ronnie's Wedding on the Carolina Girl
  • Shannon & Ronnie's Wedding on the Carolina Girl

  • Shannon & Ronnie have been together over 6 years. She is beautiful, sweet, and super organized. She grew up as a military brat, and is now the Youth Director at Joint Base Charleston. A ripped body builder with rugged good looks and an outrageous personality, Ronnie has been in the military for [...]
Clawson & Staubes Business Portraits
  • Clawson & Staubes Business Portraits

  • Our longtime clients, Clawson & Staubes, have hired a wonderful new attorney! I had the pleasure of meeting Leslie yesterday to photographing her head-shots for the company website, press releases, and marketing material. I love that the company has chosen to go with environmental portrait[...]
Yvonne & Andrew's Secret Wedding Proposal at The Battery
DHG Leadership Conference
  • DHG Leadership Conference

  • Dixon Hughes Goodman has been a client of ours for many years. We mostly just photograph business portraits for the local Charleston office. So when Mark at the Merge Agency asked if I'd like to photograph their Leadership Conference, I was super excited! The conference was held at The Mills Hous[...]
Courtney & Will's Wedding at the French Huguenot Church and Cottage on the Creek